‘Shopping King Louis’

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Seo In-gook is hungry in new Shopping King Louis teaser
by | September 2, 2016 | 108 Comments
Fist pump if you’re as excited as I am about Seo In-gook’s new drama, Shopping King Louis! It feels like just yesterday when his last crime-fighting stint with Police Unit 38 ended, but it’s already been a month. I’ve missed him all the same. In this upcoming MBC romantic-comedy drama, he plays the titular Louis,... More »

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Seo In-gook transforms into Shopping King Louis
by | August 19, 2016 | 84 Comments
These newly released photos from the production of MBC’s upcoming rom-com series Shopping King Louis aren’t as exciting as I’d like my first-stills-from-a-drama to be, but it’s Seo In-gook and he’s looking sharp, so net gain. Seo In-gook didn’t bother taking a break after finishing up his cable drama Police Unit 38 recently, and is... More »

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Ahn So-hee offered leading role in MBC’s Shopping King Louis
by | July 6, 2016 | 46 Comments
Former Wonder Girl idol Ahn So-hee (Heart to Heart) may be joining the cast of upcoming MBC rom-com Shopping King Louis, which is currently finalizing terms with Seo In-gook (Police Unit 38) to star. She’s been offered a leading role in it, and while her reps were quick to counter reports that she had signed... More »

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Seo In-gook up for MBC rom-com Shopping King Louis
by | June 29, 2016 | 103 Comments
Seo In-gook, Nam Ji-hyun, Yoon Sang-hyun Hee, Shopping King Louis is the new drama that initially courted Yook Sung-jae to headline, and I find it funny that they’ve now cast Seo In-gook (Police Unit 38) in the role, since Yook Sung-jae’s drama debut in Answer Me 1994 had everyone calling him Little Seo In-gook. The... More »