‘Song Yoon-ah’

Drama Recaps
The K2: Episode 16 (Final)
by | November 13, 2016 | 220 Comments
It’s time for The K2 to show off its finishing move as our characters face the truth that finally comes to light in the midst of ongoing danger. Psychological warfare will be their best weapon as the timer continues to tick down to zero, and their lives won’t be the only things they stand to... More »

Drama Recaps
The K2: Episode 15
by | November 12, 2016 | 134 Comments
It’s a race against the clock in this penultimate episode when the threat of death and destruction looms over those Je-ha feels compelled to protect and those who simply wish to save themselves. Trusting in power and authority can only get our characters so far, because they’ll soon learn that everyone is powerless when time... More »

Drama Recaps
The K2: Episode 14
by | November 6, 2016 | 229 Comments
More than one life will hang by a narrative thread this hour when the battle over one object drives the fight to the gates of Yoo-jin’s fortress. Even if her enemies aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, their persistence and relentlessness will still require her to put up a strong defense to give her... More »

Drama Recaps
The K2: Episode 13
by | November 5, 2016 | 107 Comments
The success of every calculated plan depends on its execution, but gauging that success only gets harder when everyone has an ongoing scheme of their own. Je-ha will need to tread carefully if he wants to protect the lives of those he holds dear, especially when all of his enemies have cast their nets far... More »

Drama Recaps
The K2: Episode 12
by | October 30, 2016 | 211 Comments
Being the center of attention isn’t always easy, but Anna will need to stay in the spotlight in order to face her enemies head-on. Publicity acts like a double-edged sword this hour because while she isn’t the only one placed under the investigative microscope, the public exposure can invite other unforeseen consequences. The limelight will... More »

Drama Recaps
The K2: Episode 11
by | October 29, 2016 | 102 Comments
A tumultuous war threatens to break out this week when one mission will put more than one life in danger. Knowing who to trust will be the key to navigating this complicated maze of politics, where one wrong move can spell death. Je-ha will need to rely on the only ray of sunlight in his... More »

Drama Recaps
The K2: Episode 10
by | October 23, 2016 | 260 Comments
Ensuring Anna’s safety will be even more important this hour when nearly everyone around her is preparing for battle. Everything may be fair in love and war, but it’ll take everything in Je-ha’s arsenal to keep her out of the crossfire. When this world is full of people who are eager to use her for... More »

Drama Recaps
The K2: Episode 9
by | October 22, 2016 | 138 Comments
Catching a few winks in this world won’t be easy, especially when constant threat lurks just around the corner. But a bit of rest can do wonders for the soul and allow some time to address the matter of the heart. Someone new will step into the picture, but whether this person is friend or... More »

Drama Recaps
The K2: Episode 8
by | October 16, 2016 | 249 Comments
Loyalties will be put to the test when more dangers are thrown in Je-ha’s path which require him to stay alert at all times. He won’t be the only one in harm’s way though, since a series of unexpected events will threaten to tip the political scales against Yoo-jin’s favor. Everyone has something to lose,... More »

Drama Recaps
The K2: Episode 7
by | October 15, 2016 | 193 Comments
Surviving this world of secrets will require a sharp mind that can keep any incoming dangers at bay. But when emotions threaten to break the surface for some of our characters, they’ll use a weapon more powerful than any gun: their words. Dodging a bullet will be easier than a sharp tongue, and whether they... More »