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Uhm Jung-hwa offered MBC weekend drama You’re Too Much
by | November 30, 2016 | 20 Comments
Actress and pop diva Uhm Jung-hwa (Witch’s Romance, Wonderful Nightmare) is gearing up to make a double comeback, with plans for both a new album and a new drama on the horizon. She’s in contention to headline a 50-episode weekend MBC drama, You’re Too Much (working title), which would follow the currently airing drama Blow... More »

Chungmuro/Film News
51st Grand Bell Awards
by | November 21, 2014 | 59 Comments
It’s time for the 51st Grand Bell Awards (Daejong Film Awards), the first of the major year-end award ceremonies, which celebrates achievement in film. There were actually a good number of big movies in 2014 to spread the love around, whether in box office numbers or critical acclaim, but the overwhelming theme seems to be:... More »

Chungmuro/Film News
2014 Busan International Film Festival’s opening red carpet
by | October 2, 2014 | 59 Comments
It’s red carpet season! I both love and hate awards/festival season (fall-winter, mostly) because on one hand, it’s never a burden to look at scores of beautiful people strutting a formal event looking (mostly) their best, but on the other, these posts can be massive and a pain to compile. But let our pain be... More »

Chungmuro/Film News
Song Seung-heon up for rom-com opposite Uhm Jung-hwa
by | September 27, 2014 | 40 Comments
Well this is good news — Song Seung-heon (When a Man Loves) is considering a return to romantic comedy, which is frankly where I think he belongs. Seriously, wouldn’t you pay someone to erase his tortured-gangster and time-traveling-doctor roles from your brain and just replace them with more scenes from My Princess? Anyhoo, he’s considering... More »

Chungmuro/Film News
Uhm Jung-hwa returns to big screen in body-swap comedy
by | September 25, 2014 | 27 Comments
I don’t know if it counts as a body-swap plot if it’s technically your own life lived twice, but there’s not much else you can call a story about waking up a completely different person. Uhm Jung-hwa (Witch’s Romance) is returning to the big screen in the comedy Wonderful Nightmare, where she plays a high-powered... More »

Drama Recaps
Witch’s Romance: Episode 16 (Final)
by | June 14, 2014 | 78 Comments
It’s time to say good-bye to the adorable Dong-ha and the delightful Ji-yeon — but I’m not ready! Can’t we keep them around just a little longer? Thank goodness, then, the final episode is brimming with cute ‘n’ fluffy moments of our favorite couple getting to actually fully enjoy being a couple. Of course, there... More »

Drama Recaps
Witch’s Romance: Episode 15
by | June 11, 2014 | 56 Comments
This episode really delivers on the kisses and cuddles, almost making it worth such a long wait! But although all the large obstacles in Dong-ha and Ji-yeon’s path to couplehood have been laid to rest, there’s still a lot of ground to cover when it comes to learning how to actually be a in a... More »

Drama Recaps
Witch’s Romance: Episode 14
by | June 6, 2014 | 55 Comments
The cute is back with a vengeance! And not a moment too soon, as I was beginning to fear we’d never return to the fun, zippy episodes of yore. Dong-ha gets most of the attention this time as Ji-yeon tries to help him reconcile with his father. She also finally remembers that she’s the ace... More »

Drama Recaps
Witch’s Romance: Episode 13
by | June 4, 2014 | 56 Comments
Breakups and comebacks and parties, oh my! A lot happens in this episode, all the better to bring our two leads closer together again after so many weeks of estrangement. And not a moment too soon, as I was starting to worry that we’d never see Dong-ha and Ji-yeon smile and have fun together again.... More »

Drama Recaps
Witch’s Romance: Episode 12
by | May 31, 2014 | 82 Comments
Ji-yeon struggles through her confusion about her upcoming marriage to Shi-hoon and, thanks to the support of friends and family who aren’t afraid to ask the hard questions, is forced to ask herself if being married to Shi-hoon will truly make her happy. Dong-ha decides it will be easier for Ji-yeon if he removes himself... More »