‘You’re Here You’re Here You’re Really Here’

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2012: Something for everyone? [Year in Review, Part 1]
by | December 8, 2012 | 263 Comments
Review extravaganza time! I know: Already? It feels like just the other day I was killing myself to corral all my thoughts in coherent fashion in a monster review of 2011’s dramas, and already it’s time to lose sleep wrangling my thoughts together for 2012. Time sure flies when you’re having fun, or old. Guess... More »

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More cable disappointments: You’re Here gets the ax
by | February 27, 2012 | 12 Comments
I talked about cable programs underperforming recently, so it shouldn’t come as a huge shock that You’re Here, You’re Here, You’re Really Here, the daily MBN sitcom about a group of 30-ish single friends, is getting the big ol’ cutdown. But while I’m not shocked, I’m still a little surprised at the drastic measure: Instead... More »

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Ratings report: New cable channels underperform expectations
by | February 13, 2012 | 63 Comments
Time to take another look at cable programming, now that some of the new channels have completed a drama series or two since opening for business. While there have been some notable successes outside of KBS, MBC, and SBS — Vampire Prosecutor, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, TEN — it looks like there are more that... More »

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You’re Here, You’re Here, You’re Really Here: An introduction
by | January 10, 2012 | 32 Comments
You’re Here, You’re Here, You’re Really Here is the MBN sitcom that premiered at the start of December, which touted itself as a new style of sitcom modeled after the American sitcom format, with a Friends-like vibe. Supposedly. At 120 episodes and on a daily airing schedule, it’s not a show I’d normally want to... More »

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Jeon Tae-soo begins filming for sitcom You’re Here
by | January 9, 2012 | 20 Comments
As previously announced, Jeon Tae-soo is the newest addition to the cast of MBN’s daily sitcom You’re Here, You’re Here, You’re Really Here. As you can see in these newly released stills, he’s already begun his stint on the show, and Wednesday, January 4, was his first day on the new job. Jeon takes up... More »

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Jeon Tae-soo makes his comeback in cable sitcom You’re Here
by | January 6, 2012 | 19 Comments
Rookie actor Jeon Tae-soo (Sungkyunkwan Scandal, It’s Okay Daddy’s Girl) — perhaps still more famous as Ha Ji-won’s little bro — has been staying out of the public eye for the past year, but he’s ready to get back to work with a new project. He appeared in a music video last month for R&B/ballad... More »

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Lee Soo-kyung juggles two cable shows simultaneously
by | November 29, 2011 | 51 Comments
First things first: Man oh man, Jae Hee, it is so good to see you back! But moving on to Lee Soo-kyung: IS SHE CRAZY?? Lee, you may recall, recently took a leading role in cable sitcom You’re Here, You’re Here, You’re Really Here — that show on the yet-to-premiere cable channel MBN that touts... More »

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MBN’s sitcom You’re Here begins filming
by | November 12, 2011 | 26 Comments
I’ve been interested in MBN’s “Korean Friends” sitcom since it was announced, and now we’ve got the first stills from You’re Here, You’re Here, You’re Really Here (gah, that title), starring (from left to right) Yoo In-young, Jin Yi-han, and Lee Soo-kyung. I’m not that familiar with Yoo In-young, the 27-year-old actress of A Man... More »

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Friends-style cable sitcom in the works
by | October 12, 2011 | 25 Comments
MBN is the brand-new cable channel bringing us the vampire-alien-prince-idol-star sitcom Vampire Idol (so awesome, that descriptor), and now it’s got another sitcom in the works: a Friends-esque sitcom titled You Drive Me Crazy, which has just lined up Lee Soo-kyung as one of its leads. MBN is described as a general-service cable channel (as... More »