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Unknown to Yang Jung-gook’s (Choi Siwon) team, Mi-young (Lee Yoo-young) has picked up on all their inconsistencies and is waiting outside the building to confirm her hunch.

Our veteran police detective faces an impossible dilemma: investigate her husband for fraud or ignore a series of troubling clues. Her crisis coincides with the launch of her husband’s campaign and she’s oblivious of the cost should he fail to get elected. What no one knows is that the Lady Mob Boss’ position is in jeopardy when someone from her past reappears. Determined to save everyone who matters to him and backed by the most politically inept team ever assembled, our conman undertakes the greatest scam of his life.

Choi Siwon

Main cast

Lee Yoo-young

Main cast

Kim Min-jung

Main cast



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