More stars pay their respects to deceased colleague

Okay, I think I’m done posting pics of stars visiting Lee Eon‘s funeral room. If more information comes to light, I’m on it, but until then we’re just going to be getting photos of grieving folks, which is probably gratuitous.

I know it sounds hypocritical for me to dislike the photos and then post them. However, I do think it’s a matter of interest — just up to a point. When it starts feeling gratuitous, I step back.

Below are Strongest Chil Woo co-stars Eric, Gu Hye-sun, and Kim Byul. More pics beyond the jump.



Co-star Eric:

This is part of why I decided I’d stop posting photos of the funeral, because Eric seems so harassed. I think it’s fair to assume people are interested in seeing famous actors and celebrities showing up to pay their respects to a friend, but when I was looking through pics to post up, these made me uncomfortable.

Here he’s making his second visit to the hospital (the first was made in the dead of night, right after he heard about the accident), and obviously the guy’s feeling crappy, but there the photogs are, about two inches from his face. The photos of other stars may also be somewhat intrusive (some less than others), but we don’t usually see photos including the paps, so we don’t get the full sense of the chaos.


Coffee Prince director Lee Yoon-jung and co-star Chae Jung-ahn; Chil Woo co-star Kim Byul:

Who Are You? co-stars Ahn Sun-young (the secretary) and his onscreen love interest Lee Min-jung:


Supermodel Song Kyung-ah with fellow model Jang Yoon-ju. In the previous post, Park Dool-seon was pictured; together, these three were the original models of cable reality show I Am a Model. I’m not sure if this was openly acknowledged, but Lee Eon had supposedly been dating Jang Yoon-ju (not sure of their status at the time of his passing).

Joo Ji-hoon and Lee Min-ki:


Lee Chun-hee and Oh Ji-ho:


Members of Girls Generation (SoShi):


Yoon Ji-min and Jo Yeon-woo:


Kim Sung-soo, Ryu Deok-hwan, and Cha Seung-won:


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