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My Name Is Kim Sam Soon: Episode 8

Last episode, Sam Soon was ditched faster than Henry can say “Nae-ga bong-ee-nya?” when Jin Heon discovered the real reason Hee Jin left him three years ago.

But all is not lost for Sam Soon. Having a strong family like Sam Soon’s is like having a safety net that catches you when you love and lose, so that you can get back up and love again.


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Episode 8 – Daddy, Why Is My Love Life So Hard?

Sam Soon spends her days and nights staring at her cell, wondering when Jin Heon might call or text her. Jin Heon hasn’t been to work in 3 days, which is more than enough time for him and Hee Jin to catch up on old times, and then for Hee Jin to get the hell back to California. Sam Soon might be a kind-hearted person, but she won’t share a boyfriend, even a fake boyfriend, especially one she has started to like.

The other staff at Bon Appetit smell the change in the wind though, even if Sam Soon will not. Pfft. As if Jang Captain stands a shot with Jin Heon. Give it up!

As another day comes and goes, Sam Soon still clutches her cell- her only line of communication with Jin Heon. Ella Fitzgerald softly warbles “This Girl’s In Love With You” in the background as Sam Soon takes the bus home, but it’s not like we don’t know. Sam Soon is smitten, though really, I don’t think Jin Heon has done anything to deserve it. What has Jin Heon done except break up her date with Good Looking Blind Date Guy and constantly tell her that she’s not his type?

Now now, tssks Mrs. Samsooki. I should be fair. He did carry her drunk-ass all the way to his apartment and took care of her clothes. And he did defend her twice against Hyun Woo, right? Fine. He’s not all bad. Where IS Jin Heon, anyway?

Jin Heon has been looking after Hee Jin at a Seoul hospital, and finally texts Sam Soon. He’s a bit busy. That’s it?? Jin Heon adds, “At hospital.” An alarmed Sam Soon asks a ton of questions ending with, shall I go to you? But Jin Heon merely replies, “Nope.”

Clearly, Jin Heon has other things on his mind, like how to get rid of Hee Jin’s 6 foot 2 inch chiseled surgical oncologist moonlighting as a guardian angel. Damn. Even though I’m like 2.5 times as mature as Jin Heon, even I’d wanna get rid of Henry too.

Jin Heon breaks the ice with Henry by asking, “When are you leaving?” Hehe! Henry the Chiseled Surgical Oncologist, for whatever reason, ignores Jin Heon’s slights. Not sure exactly what game Henry is playing here. Is his plan to stay in Korea for another 5 months and just watch Hee Jin and Jin Heon make kissy-faces at each other?

Meanwhile, Kim Sam Mopey has not gone unnoticed at home. Sam Soon’s mom and older sister can’t help but see Sam Soon’s erratic behavior. During a dinner cooked out in the yard (BBQ! Yummers!), Sam Soon’s mom heads inside to answer a phone call. Yi Young quickly bitch-slaps Sam Soon into reality. What the HECK has gotten into you?!

Sam Soon admits it, finally, to Yi Young. She misses her Sam Shik like crazy. Yi Young is surprised but not in a good way.

Yi Young: I won’t allow it. I’ll never allow you to fall for Sam Shik.
Sam Soon: And why not?!

Why not indeed. What’s wrong with Sam Shik, other than the fact that he’s in love with another woman and his family would never allow you to marry him and he’s an immature dork and he’s rude and arrogant… AND he’s your boss? Well, even so, that’s not why Yi Young won’t let her like Sam Shik. Yi Young notes that rich people live differently than the rest of us, and nobody really knows what goes on inside rich people’s homes. And yet, people line up for miles to get the chance to be a Cinderella. Well, Yi Young won’t allow that to happen for Sam Soon.

I don’t know. Yi Young is all protective and stuff, but I’m not convinced by Yi Young’s logic. Yi Young married for money, didn’t she? But reading my mind, Yi Young slaps that argument away though, noting that Sam Soon has different principles than she does, and so what Yi Young does or did has no relevance to Sam Soon.

Sam Soon finally reveals all. Yoo Hee Jin is back and that’s why Jin Heon hasn’t called. Well, game over. Thanks for playing. Yi Young can’t believe how silly Sam Soon is being. But Sam Soon’s emotions, pent up for days, comes flooding out, along with the full story of what happened at the Jeju Hotel. Sam Soon cries out her justification, saying that everything Jin Heon did means that he does like her.

A world-wise Yi Young clucks in frustration at her sister’s naivete. She tries slapping some sense into her younger sister but Sam Soon doesn’t believe it – her Sam Shik is not like that!

Yi Young (exasperated): Gaaaah! Why is it that girls who know nothing about dating always fall for the same stupid tricks!

I guess so. But still, “I told you so” won’t make Sam Soon feel any better. Of course, I can hear Yi Young now, saying, “Making her feel better isn’t what an unni is supposed to do! Making her feel better isn’t going to get her married! A big sis has gotta slap some sense into their dong-sengs!”

Yes, but being a big sis in wisdom but not in size has its own issues. Yi Young tries to slap Sam Soon again but Sam Soon is ready and grabs Yi Young’s arm. Disrespectful! Yi Young automatically tries to slap Sam Soon with her free arm but Sam Soon is ready for that as well. LOL! The two sisters go at it, hilariously listing off every wrong that the other has done since like grade school.

Sam Soon’s mom reappears with a huge winnowing Korean fan and chases her daughters around the yard, before giving up and plopping back down. Sigh, what fate brought her to this. One daughter with too much in her head and one daughter with too little.

As with many fights between sisters, this one ends as quickly as it starts. And Sam Soon’s mood has brightened considerable as she realizes how much Yi Young cares for her. That’s what family is for, to bitch-slap some sense into you and to lend you new dresses so long as you don’t sneak out to see Sam Shiks.

Speaking of which, it hasn’t taken long for Jin Heon and Hee Jin to share the same bed. So Hee Jin is now sleeping over Jin Heon’s? Hmmpf. I guess quick is as quick does. And busy is as busy does. Just saying.

Deep into the night, Sam Soon is still awake and still holding out her hope in her hands. She sends a last text to Jin Heon for the night, and then bikes over to Bon Appetit to start baking – her way to make herself feel better.

Sam Soon makes two things: sesame jook (traditional rice porridge made for ppl who are ill) and a Napoleon cake called a gâteau de mille-feuilles – fresh raspberries, flaky crispy crusts, alternating almond buttercreme and vanilla custard fillings and topped with almonds, powdered dark chocolate and confectioner’s sugar. *drool* Who could the goodies be for? Right, Jin Heon said he was in the hospital… Ruh roh!

Sure enough, Sam Soon wraps up the jook and cake for a bike trip out to Jin Heon’s apartment. In the elevator on the way up, Sam Soon practices how to sound nonchalant but still worried. I am watching now with my hands over my ears and only partially watching the screen. This won’t be pleasant. Just leave the food at the door and run away!

Sam Soon rings the door, and Jin Heon answers it. As Sam Soon butchers her planned speech, out pops Hee Jin from behind Jin Heon, because she must. Protective of turf, much? With nothing to say, Jin Heon sheepishly grabs the goodie bag. With only a hint of sarcasm, Sam Soon asks Jin Heon to enjoy the food with Hee Jin. Sam Soon turns to leave when Hee Jin offers an apology (Hey, skinny girl. You pipe down. Winners shouldn’t fake apologize as a means to proclaim total victory).

The door closes and Sam Soon exhales, crushed. After a pause, Sam Soon turns around and rings the door bell again. Jin Heon answers it again and this time an angry Sam Soon kicks the crap out of Jin Heon’s leg, telling him to end the contract. Sam Soon reaches the elevator but Jin Heon chases after her and follows her into the elevator.

Jin Heon: I’m… starting over with Hee Jin.
Sam Soon: It looks like it. Congrats.
Jin Heon: Like we had agreed, the contract is terminated.
Sam Soon: Fine.
Jin Heon: And since it was me that breaks the contract, you don’t have to pay me back the $50,000.

Sam Soon turns to look at Jin Heon, and Jin Heon starts to repeat himself, but gets slapped. Hard. But I don’t quite get it? Why did Jin Heon get slapped? Sam Soon asks if Jin Heon thinks that he can buy someone’s heart for a mere $50,000. Where did that come from? What is she talking about? Aight, let’s break it down, samsooki-style.

1. Sam Soon needed $50,000. Jin Heon needed a fake relationship.
2. Jin Heon lent the money to Sam Soon.
3. They agreed: if Jin Heon breaks the deal, Sam Soon doesn’t have to pay.
4. Jin Heon and Sam Soon agreed never to fall for each other. Ever.
5. Jin Heon broke the deal by re-starting with Hee Jin.
6. Therefore, Sam Soon doesn’t have to pay back the $50,000.

So why should Jin Heon need to get slapped at all? But then Sam Soon explains it. The things that Jin Heon said and did for her, they scream out, “I like you.” Sam Soon didn’t fall for Jin Heon until Jin Heon apparently fell for Sam Soon. Now that Sam Soon’s heart is shredded, Jin Heon thinks he can just buy back his guilty conscience for $50,000?

Ahhh. Okay, I get it. This is Sam Soon’s point – Jin Heon isn’t taking responsibility for Sam Soon’s hurt feelings; he thinks he can escape responsibility for breaking her heart by paying cash. Jin Heon has no response, finally, perhaps, realizing the extent to which he has affected her.

The elevator doors open (finally), and Sam Soon storms out. Jin Heon follows her out though. Not sure why he does, but he does. Is this the same kind of Follow The Samsoon Game that Jin Heon did, way back in Episode 1?

Jin Heon doesn’t try to stop her though, but just tries to explain himself. That’s why you don’t have to pay me back, Jin Heon says. Disappointing! So Jin Heon still hasn’t figured it out. And I thought a smart guy like him would have figured it out by now.

Bitterly, Sam Soon announces she is taking back what she said in Jeju, about how she had started liking him. Cancelled. Jin Heon can’t let well enough alone, though, and replies that he’s not cancelling his words, when he said wants to take her to Mt. Halla. Sam Soon has wised up finally though. She ain’t no Mt.Halla-back girl. Sam Soon exhales and then tells Jin Heon to take Hee Jin instead.

Sometimes, a breakthrough like this, gaining wisdom at the point of a spear, is difficult to bear. With all that Sam Soon has been through, there’s too much for her to process. Seconds after she starts riding off on her bike, she just passes out. Sam Soon falls off the bike and collapses on the street, nearly crashing into a passing motorcyclist.

Jin Heon brings Sam Soon to the hospital, and of course Hee Jin is there too (probably to protect her turf in case this is a fake accident). They are met there by Yi Young, who recognizes Hee Jin from the airplane ride.

While Sam Soon remains out cold, Yi Young and Hee Jin talk outside. Yi Young spills the beans about the fake relationship (why??). Jin Heon remains with Sam Soon (again, why??). Jin Heon starts checking his voice mail and finally hears the message that Sam Soon left for him while at the Jeju airport. Jin Heon is truly touched, and smiles at Sam Soon’s sleeping form.

Sam Soon is released from the hospital after a few hours, and Jin Heon offers to drive her and her sister home. But Sam Soon sees Jin Heon’s new car and realizes that Jin Heon really has turned a corner and moved on in his life. Her wounds thus re-opened, Sam Soon sadly breaks off to find her own taxi. Before following Sam Soon, Yi Young slugs Jin Heon good, while an approving Hee Jin stands near by.

In the midst of this, Jin Heon’s mom calls Hee Jin, ordering her to come over. When Hee Jin arrives, Jin Heon’s mom cuts to the chase and orders her not to see Jin Heon again. This, despite the successful stomach surgery and excellent prognosis. Jin Heon’s mom gives it to her straight. She will not have another daughter-in-law who dies on her. Jin Heon’s mom doesn’t want more death in her family. Her husband died. Her first son died. Her daughter-in-law died. Can’t Hee Jin understand?

No, apparently not. Hee Jin is crushed – the secret deal 3 years ago was that if Hee Jin beats the cancer, she could come back to Korea and be back with Jin Heon. That was the deal! How can Jin Heon’s mom renege now? Didn’t Jin Heon’s mom love Hee Jin like a daughter? How can Jin Heon’s mom be so cruel, when that secret deal, that singular hope, was the only thing that kept Hee Jin alive through the brutal chemotherapy and uncertain recovery? But Jin Heon’s mom leaves Hee Jin collapsed on the floor.

Jin Heon’s mom goes to her dead son’s room and strokes the photo of happier times, when they were all together. Koreans have a saying, that the very worst thing in the world is for a parent to out-live his or her child. Jin Heon’s mom might appear to be cruel to Hee Jin, but really, all she was being was honest. And sometimes, honesty is the fastest antiseptic to wounds of the heart.

Late that night, Yi Young and Sam Soon go out to eat and drink, or, rather, drink drink and maybe eat a little. Yi Young heads for the bathroom while Sam Soon gets a headstart on the soju, and gets up for another bottle. Sam Soon returns to the table and finds her dad sitting at the table and smiling at her. Sam Soon sits down and her dad grabs the bottle so that he can share a special drink with his favorite daughter.

And even though this is just between a daughter and her dad, Sam Soon keeps the cultural formalities of drinking with one’s elder. Her dad pours the first drink, and Sam Soon holds her glass with both hands. Then Sam Soon takes the bottle and pours her dad a drink. And Sam Soon doesn’t touch her glass until her dad picks up his. Then when her dad lifts his glass, Sam Soon follows suit, but with both hands. Finally, Sam Soon doesn’t drink facing her dad, but turns 90 degrees away. Even though she’s 30 and her dad is dead, Sam Soon does the only thing she can do to show her love.

Sam Soon’s dad is so awesome in this scene, just looking at her daughter with so much love as her daughter tries to smile but fails miserably.

Sam Soon: I thought I was done crying over men, but… Dad? I really didn’t think I would be like this when I turned 30. I thought that nothing would make my heart race faster, or make me stay awake all night waiting for a phone call. Dad, do you know how that’s like torture? I thought I could just meet a decent guy so as to not worry about my heart being hurt, so that my heart would not be hurt… that’s how I wanted to live. But just look at me now… I’m a tragedy.

And finally, Sam Soon confesses to her dad that she just wants her heart to harden, so she can’t feel any more pain.

After all that she has been through, with Hyun Woo and then with Jin Heon, Sam Soon finally asks for a time-out.

That’s enough pain, okay? Please, don’t give me any more pain. It hurts too much. It is enough to make anyone tear up, but for those who have felt similar pain, where the hurt really does start from inside the chest like a burning ball and radiates outward, pushing out tears no matter if you are crying or not, Sam Soon’s pain is palpable.

Okay, that’s all I got. It’s time for a drink.


This episode is, from a technical standpoint, relatively short. In fact, there are less scenes in this episode than any other episode so far. From a plot standpoint, only two things have happened: Sam Soon finding out that Jin Heon really has moved on, and Hee Jin finding out that Jin Heon’s mom has moved on.

Still, this might be my favorite episode of the drama so far.


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Thanks for recapping this show @samsooki, this is the first time I'm watching this show, and my maiden comment on DB. So yayyy for that. I was just compelled to write. Now on to the show.

I just feel that, in the current scenario, some of SS's actions were really impulsive and downright umm pitiful (which instead of invoking the feeling to feel sympathy for her on her condition by JH had no strong effect on him, the messages went unread/unresponded).. through the entire episode and the previous one too, many times I felt like, "why are you doing this girl." He doesn't deserve your precious time/heart/devotion/a lil bit of pesturing, not in this situation at least.
Okay you like him, but still why put yourself so vulnerably in front of him, why?
Sometimes its good to hold back and to take control in such situations where you already know the answer but refuse to acknowledge it.
The only good part in the SS going to JH's place to feed her curiosity was when she kicked him for violating the contract in perspective, but actuality JH did wrong her, not by violating the contract but by not explaining his stand, okay so you got back with your gf, okay so now you're doing the disappearing act from your daily life(work/commitments, etc), but in all of that don't you think you should probably give a proper explanation and your whereabouts to the lady who confessed she likes you, the lady with whom you shared your personal boxed up sad story, the lady you dragged by the wrist several times, the lady, to whom you asked not to talk/look to/for other guys. After all that, no matter how vaguely SS reacted in some parts or whatever being your state of mind, YOU SHOULD TOTALLY TELL HER WHAT HAPPENED, AND THAT NOW YOU'VE DECIDED TO START ANEW WITH YOUR BLAST FROM THE PAST, AND THE CONTRACT NO LONGER STANDS, AND SO GIRL DON'T PIN YOUR HOPES ON ME, CAUSE I DON'T INTEND TO HURT YOU, SINCE I PRETTY MUCH KNOW HOW YOU WERE AFTER THAT CHRISTMAS EVE DEBACLE. Huff!!! That would've sufficed but no the jerk remains the jerk. Sending mono-syllabic text replies. *Douchetard* (you deserved more than just a kick in the shin)

That being said, I didn't really comprehend though, as to why he can now drive all of a sudden, is it because he let out his fear/regret of causing the accident that killed his family members to SS or because of HJ???

About HJ, I'm only like meh, yes she is self-absorbed, like when she came out after the diagnosis and Henry asked how she is? And then JH swoops in with his hand over her shoulder and they walk away, dafuq girl.. That dude likes you, is worried about your health, was with you all the while you were sick and now you just walk away without acknowledging.. Booyah! (being sick doesn't give anyone the advantage to neglect others)

Oh well in that way you two do make a fine couple JH-HJ 'the heartless ignorants'.

Too long of a comment.. But well since it's my first comment, I get a pass ;)

Thankyou for the...


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You are welcome! I hope you enjoy the series, and the recaps! -smski


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Hi, sorry comment a post so old, but I was wondering if you could tell me how to write in hangull the expression Henry learn from HeeJin: "nae-ga bong-ee nya" I've been trying to find out how to do it for a long time and really can't be able doing it...

By the way thanks for the recap, even if I read it so late I find it so funny, I have enjoy it so much this drama and reading the recap and discover that more people share my point of view about the characters an situation and that finds funny the same things that I do is really great. :)


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Henry: 내가 봉이 냐?



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Am I the only one who finds Sam Soon rather annoying?

She's relatable and the Shin Min-A did a great job portraying her, but the way she brings herself across and how she acts kinda is rather off-putting (to me at least) hahah so i dont really resonate with her character/particularly like her.

Additionally, it's rather an asshole-ish move to go after a guy who ALREADY HAS A GIRLFRIEND and simply isn't interested in her. It's not like she didn't know; she did know, yet she acted on her desires and impulses without considering the feelings and history Jin Heon and Hee Jin had.

Put yourself in Hee Jin's shoes; how would you feel if you were diagnosed with cancer, left your boyfriend for his own good and spent 3 years thinking and missing about him and clinging onto the only thing that's keeping you alive, only for you to come back to a desperate girl trying to steal your guy away?

I just really feel for Hee Jin, and because Sam Soon violates the rules that I have, it causes me to dislike her as a person. Ironically, she is someone who had experienced the "my-boyfriend-is-cheating-on-me" event. So. I just dont get her haha.

On the Jin Heon-Hee Jin ship :)

PS. actually its the first time i dont ship the main protagonists together HAHA


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Oh yes, I forgot to add, i felt that Jin Heon was also at fault for leading SS on and not telling her straight out to quit it. He shouldn't have said or done those things that can cause SS to fall for him, and even if he did, he should've apologised and made it clear to her that he has a girl, and for SS to stop making advances towards him.


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Oh man, it's 2018 and I am still rewatching this series...and reading up all the recaps here. I just joined this forum btw.

And I can't help but to defend Samsoon here. Sure she knew JH has a girlfriend but as far as she knew, their relationship is over. It was less than a week ago, they're locking lips by the piano and blame JH for initiating it. He pulled her close in a tight grip, why would he do that if he didn't want something from her? Sure she kissed him first, that's because he was asking for it when he mumbled something about her not closing her eyes this time, evoking in her (and us too) that piece of memory when he teased her not so long ago in that dark room. It's this prodding from him that made her planted her lips on his. At this juncture they're both free souls, free from their previous relationships; Samsoon's ex bf finally got engaged and there's no way they'll ever get back together again, and the nite before JH saw Henry comforting and kissing HJ (a kiss on her forehead is still a kiss ok) and for him his past with HJ is finally over too. Honest to God, I am glad that Samsoon and JH had that kiss, that's something really intimate sealed forever in their memories.

Back to episode 8, you can't blame Samsoon for trying to get in touch with JH, she wasn't sure if JH and HJ were back together and as far as she knew, it was over between them, cos he said so. If she knew, do you think she would still cook and bake for him and to have him giving her that cold look at the door when she brought the food over? Think. Viewers like you knew JH and HJ were back together but not Samsoon. No sane person would get up at night to cook and bake something special for whatever reason just to have a cold stare and a fake apology thrown back at your face. It's here where I truly love Samsoon, I wanna hug her and drag her away from the door. Sassy as ever, I am glad she delivered that kick right where it hurts, take that you jerk!

If you had seen the whole series, who hasn't btw?, you may have noticed from here on Samsoon did all she could to dislodge JH from her life. Since she knew JH and HJ were back together, she didn't want to hang around any longer, she tendered her resignation as his patisserie. Just to get away as far as possible. Deleted his texts when he tried baiting her with a 10%, 20% raise, she even thrown away that dress he bought for her, such determination from such a sensible person. She did her best to move on, forget that jerk, let him go find his happiness with miss toothpick, while she get a new hairdo, go date matching again. But that jerk just won't leave her alone, he foiled her blind date again chasing away that sweet nice guy who genuinely had an interest in her. He even had that gall to demand that she sticks to the contract about her not seeing other guys when it was he who broke the contract first. He deserves another slap right there.

From episode 8 up to the time when JH confessed...


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From episode 8 up to the time when JH confessed his true feelings in the gents toilet, you may have noticed that Samsoon had done nothing ever to encourage him from severing himself from HJ. Samsoon did her darnedest to stay away from him, it was he who kept bothering her and finally came to the realisation that he wanted her and that she's attractive and charming and an excellent patisserie to boot. He's damn lucky Samsoon didn't reject him after all the hurts, disappointment and pains that he had put her thru, for all I know Samsoon could still have that nice blind date guy for a bf..


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Like you said I tried putting myself in HJ's shoe, but it sure won't fit cos I am not that stupid to leave someone whom I loved dearly right after he had that horrific accident where his brother and sister in law were killed. I wouldn't leave him for all the promises that his mother had made just so that I could seek treatment aboard and leaving him in total ignorance and to have him suffered alone all by himself.

HJ was rather immature, living in her own ivory tower thinking that the world probably revolves her. She should have known better that her priority was with JH and not his mom. I understand she had cancer, but if she had been more mature she should first confide in JH and together they could have formulated a plan or something whereby she could go ahead with her treatment abroad and somehow they'll stay in touch and not just leaving him in the lurch.

Speaking of her stupidity, I felt sorry for her too for digging her own pit and falling right in herself. I am referring to that incident where JH chased after her to the lift, he told her to get out. From here anyone could see he was ready to forgive her, he was crying for god's sake couldn't she tell? Yet she refused to budge. Her pride was dented no doubt wondering if he really loved Samsoon. If her love for JH was her primary motivation for coming back and her love was genuine, I dun see what's the problem for her to step out and jump right into his arms. If she had done that, the drama would have ended there and then. The end.

But because of her stupidity, or immaturity, or pride, she lost HJ forever. Ok, she got back him for a while, maybe for a week or so. But to lose him again and for him to go pining for Samsoon instead...hehehe.

So now beg the question, did JH take HJ back out of love or sympathy? That answer is obvious. After he knew the real reason why she left 3 years ago, its only reasonable for them to rekindle their relationship. Or perhaps he thinks he's still in love with her or is he? After such a long absence away from each other, people do change without realising it, priorities change, values change, outlooks change, and all those 3 years he spent simmering in anger probably had dimmed all those sparks they had before, otherwise Samsoon couldn't have made such a huge impact on him, mentally and emotionally.


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How can you say someone "has a girlfriend" when he has neither seen nor spoken to her in three years? The only reason they "never broke up" was because she wasn't around to be broken up with. Any sane person would think that "I am leaving to the US for five years" IS a breakup. Coming back three years later and acting as though you went away for a week to clear your head is certifiable. Sam Soon has done nothing wrong and the other two assholes deserve each other.


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This reminds me of this Korean movie called Humming I watched where the main character considers going away to Antarctica for a few years for research because he doesn't have the guts to break up with his long-time girlfriend...


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What a roller coaster ride episode exciting and tiring


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