2013 SBS Drama Awards

New Year’s Eve was the big night for the SBS Drama Awards (and KBS as well, which will be up next), and Lee Bo-young came out on top for one of the year’s unexpected successes, I Hear Your Voice. (I say unexpected because the drama was given its timeslot hastily when another show fell through and premiered without many expectations, then built week by week to be a ratings and audience hit.) I’d say she also ruled the night in terms of red carpet, because man does she look amazing. She hardly ever doesn’t look good, but she was in full-on goddess form tonight.

None of the awards came as too much of a surprise, as SBS pretty much gave awards to expected names; like MBC, the other broadcasters absolutely reward dramas and actors that drew high ratings, but I suppose the difference here is that SBS had a generally stronger year in terms of content, so there weren’t too many wins that raised eyebrows. I mean, it’s too bad Gong Hyo-jin didn’t win anything (and she wasn’t at the awards show), but I can’t argue that she wuzrobbed by either Lee Bo-young or Song Hye-gyo (who was also absent, being busy with a film shoot). I would’ve liked to see Choi Ji-woo get an award, but I can see how the other dramas were much bigger hits than Suspicious Housekeeper, so.

And maybe it’s a little silly to be inventing awards just to make sure you could recognize both Jo In-sung AND So Ji-sub, but speaking of silly invented awards: Lee Min-ho for best dressed for Heirs? How is that a real award and not an ironic one?


Daesang: Lee Bo-young (I Hear Your Voice)
SBS Special Award: Jo In-sung (That Winter, the Wind Blows)
Top Excellence Award, Miniseries, Actress: Song Hye-gyo (That Winter, the Wind Blows)
Top Excellence Award, Miniseries, Actor: So Ji-sub (Master’s Sun)
Top Excellence Award, Mid-length Drama, Actress: Lee Yo-won (Empire of Gold)
Top Excellence Award, Mid-length Drama, Actor: Lee Min-ho (Heirs)
Top Excellence Award, Serial Drama, Actress: Nam Sang-mi (Goddess of Marriage)
Top Excellence Award, Serial Drama, Actor: Jeon Gwang-ryul (Passionate Love)
Excellence Award, Miniseries, Actress: Sung Yuri (Birth Secret)
Excellence Award, Miniseries, Actor: Lee Jong-seok (I Hear Your Voice)
Excellence Award, Mid-length Drama, Actress: Park Shin-hye (Heirs)
Excellence Award, Mid-length Drama, Actor: Sung Dong-il (Jang Ok-jung, Live By Love)
Excellence Award, Serial Drama, Actress: Wang Bit-na (Two Women’s Room)
Excellence Award, Serial Drama, Actor: Kim Ji-hoon (Goddess of Marriage)

Producer’s Award: Lee Bo-young (I Hear Your Voice)
Lifetime Achievement Award: Kim Sumi
Popularity Award: Lee Min-ho (Heirs)
Best Couple: Lee Min-ho and Park Shin-hye (Heirs)
Best Dressed Award: Lee Min-ho (Heirs)
Special Acting Award, Drama Short: Kim Mi-sook (Case No. 113),
      Jung Eun-woo (Strange Person)
Special Acting Award, Miniseries: Jung Woong-in (I Hear Your Voice),
      Kim Mi-kyung (Heirs)
Special Acting Award, Mid-length Drama: Lee Hyo-jung (Jang Ok-jung, Live By Love),
      Kim Sung-ryung (Heirs)
Special Acting Award, Weekend Drama: Jang Hyun-sung, Jang Young-nam
      (Goddess of Marriage)

Top 10 Stars:
Jo In-sung (That Winter, the Wind Blows), Nam Sang-mi (Goddess of Marriage), Lee Jong-seok (I Hear Your Voice), Park Shin-hye (Heirs), So Ji-sub (Master’s Sun), Kim Woo-bin (Heirs), Lee Yo-won (Empire of Gold), Lee Min-ho (Heirs), Lee Bo-young (I Hear Your Voice), Song Hye-gyo (That Winter, the Wind Blows)

New Star Award:
Lee Da-hee (I Hear Your Voice), Kang Min-hyuk (Hiers), Kim So-hyun (Suspicious Housekeeper), Seo In-gook (Master’s Sun), Kim Yuri (Alice in Cheongdam-dong, Master’s Sun), Jung Eun-ji (That Winter, the Wind Blows), Im Joo-hwan (Ugly Alert), Kim Ji-won (Heirs), Kang So-ra (Ugly Alert), Choi Jin-hyuk (Heirs)


Just stunning. Lee Bo-young played one of my favorite characters of the year in I Hear Your Voice, and it was a case of the actress doing well with the written role as well as adding personality beyond what was given to her. Must’ve been nice cuddling up with hubby Ji Sung that night, who wasn’t at her show with her because he was busy winning stuff of his own at KBS’s ceremony. She took home not only the acting Daesang but also a Producer’s Award and another Star award.

I love both looks on her, and while I will almost always gravitate to the bright color over the neutral one, I think I prefer the navy dress this time around. It’s perfect.


Perfect isn’t a word I’d use to describe Lee Jong-seok (I Hear Your Voice), and in the words of one appalled girlfriday, “What did they do to my baby’s head??” But the Transylvanian royalty look oddly works on him, in an I’m-an-idol-and-I’m-different-dammit sort of way.


Let the parade of bridal gowns commence! There was an overwhelming amount of white on the red carpet, and while not all white gowns look like bridal dresses, the ones selected for KBS’s awards tended to. On the upside, they were mostly all beautiful dresses. On the downside: just so much white.

I wondered if Lee Da-hee had a tough time picking which awards show to go to, because she was in sleeper hits for both SBS and KBS: I Hear Your Voice and Secret. (Turns out she dashed to both.) The only thing that mars this look for me is that you can clearly see the underslip, especially in the brightest lighting, and I don’t think this is a design meant to show multiple layers. Still, it’s a very elegant look, for the sophisticated bride.


Okay, so it’s kind of BS that SBS gives out acting awards for Excellence and Top Excellence for each category (which is divided into short, medium, and long dramas) and then also gives out “Special Acting” awards to those who didn’t win in the main acting categories. Is a trophy no longer special if everybody gets one? Still, it’s nice to see Jung Woong-in pick up one for playing a psychotic serial killer villain for I Hear Your Voice.


I… don’t really know what to say about this. It’s… a look. Is it pants? A skirt? Palazzo tuxedo slacks with a Dickensian flair? I’m not even questioning who would want to wear such a getup, I’m questioning who would make it in the first place.

And yet it’s So Ji-sub, winning an award for Master’s Sun, which owed much of its hilarity (and one-half of its sizzling chemistry) to him. So pretty from the waist-up (and eyebrows down). And while it’s a ridiculous getup, I kind of can’t argue with it. Mostly because I’ve lost the ability to words, but hey. Way to go, So Ji-sub. You be you.


Kim Yuri had something of a breakthrough year (on a smallish scale) with two roles, first in Alice in Cheongdam-dong and then as the hilariously ditzy Little Sun in Master’s Sun. She’s doing a melo next (Full Sun, haha for pun coincidences) but I do hope to see her back in comedy soon, because she’s got a knack for it. Her black-and-white look is classy and classic, and fitted impeccably.


And here’s Master’s Sun co-star Seo In-gook, also looking crisply classic.


Is this the bridal gown for the more mature bride? I don’t love it but I also don’t hate it, and Lee Yo-won looks regal and statuesque in it, winning an award for Empire of Gold. You can’t even tell she’s pregnant (she recently announced that she’s expecting her second child).


Another great year for Sohn Hyun-joo, who took home the Daesang for last year’s The Chaser and has the same producing team to thank for his role in Empire of Gold. He didn’t win an award for it, but he certainly put in another commanding performance.


Kim Mi-sook was another Empire of Gold castmate who didn’t win for that drama, though she did win for a short drama she did earlier in the year, Case No. 113.


Did Lee Min-ho come in character to receive his award for Heirs? But perhaps the more pressing question is: A best dressed award for Kim Tan? Does that include the ugly sweater brigade or blatantly ignore it? I don’t even know which is the better answer.

Fine, fine, I still think he looks hot, but I’m blatantly ignoring the pattern on his tux. La la la la, if you let your eyes unfocus you can hardly even tell! I don’t think his was the best acting performance in that drama, but he’s a huge star for SBS and also the star of their star drama with its star writer and was the leader of its many star co-stars, and there’s no way they were going to snub him at awards time. Star star star.


Park Shin-hye (Heirs, as if you didn’t know) models the look for the chaste Victorian bride. I wonder if this was the hairstyle Ha Ji-won was going for at yesterday’s MBC awards, as the concept and shape seems pretty much the same. The effect is quite different, though, and Park Shin-hye softens the look to be romantic and sweet.


What’s with the messy perm, Choi Jin-hyuk (Heirs)? Sadface. Sadhead.


Aw, Kim Woo-bin (Heirs). I wouldn’t normally call him adorable (not when there are words like quirky and beautiful alien to choose from), but that’s the vibe he’s channeling tonight.


Kang Min-hyuk (Heirs) was probably not intended to be one of the more popular characters at the outset (just considering who else he had to act with), but damn if he didn’t run away with the comedic moments with Krystal as his cutely possessive girlfriend. Glad to see him working his way up steadily in small side roles; the acting is still getting there, but he has the charm.


Kim Ji-won (Heirs again) has something of the princess bride thing going on; the rosy pink look seems appropriate for a rising starlet in her big night out. The huge skirt may be on the verge of swallowing her up, but the overall look is pretty and young. It’s not something her snippy Rachel character would have chosen (too sweet, not enough edge), but it works for Kim Ji-won.


Kim Sung-ryung was so fantastic as Heirs‘ rich-ditz mom that I think she really made the role; I was expecting a snootier character and was charmed by the one she gave us. Her dress is rather boxy on top (and a little bit aging hippie bride) but I suppose those lacy cutouts give it the edge that the overall shape doesn’t.


Kim Mi-kyung first played a loaded-to-the-gills chaebol in Master’s Sun, then went completely in the opposite direction to play the housemaid in Heirs, where she developed a winning Odd Couple friendship with Kim Sung-ryung. I love that she got recognition here with a Special Acting Award. (Although it’s amusing that Kim Sung-ryung’s Heirs award was in the mid-length drama category, and Kim Mi-kyung’s was under miniseries. Way to be transparent, SBS.)


Jo In-sung had a strong performance in a pretty well-received drama (That Winter, the Wind Blows) so I can see why they felt the need to give him a “special” award in the absence of an acting one… although I don’t see why he couldn’t have gotten the Producer’s Award instead. In any case, congrats to him on a successful drama comeback.


Jung Eun-ji (That Winter, the Wind Blows) had one of the rare pops of color on the red carpet, and rocks her fiery orange-red number. I do kind of want to rip off the shoulder bow, but I’m willing to overlook it because I’m just happy to have something bright and bold in the mix.


Hm, what kind of bride is Sung Yuri (Birth Secret)? Fifth-time’s-a-charm-bride for the mature lady?

It’s strange how I dislike the look, but still think she’s gorgeous in it. Luminous, even. The things an amazing fit (and makeup artist) will do for you.


Aw, Im Joo-hwan . I’m still sad that his army comeback role was a daily (Ugly Alert), but glad he’s back to dramaland in any case and eager to see what he picks next. He’s looking dapper (and amazingly still baby-faced at 31 years old).


I could sweaaaar I’ve seen Kang So-ra (Ugly Alert) wear this before. She has, hasn’t she? No matter, she looks fantastic, and the heels are the perfect touch. (I don’t love the white satin bridal heels on Lee Da-hee or the nude heels on Sung Yuri, but the sparkly ankle straps on Kang So-ra are a fun touch.)


Now I know I’ve seen this dress before. Wang Bit-na (Two Women’s Rooms) is wearing a gown Uhm Jung-hwa wore to the recent Blue Dragons, where I described it as “killing a giant bat and wearing it on her boobs as a warning to us all.” It doesn’t look quite as frightening here, but I still think it’s weird. What’s with that dangly ball in the cleavage area? It just provokes my child’s impulse to grab it and yank it.


Oh, prettttttty. The gown is part of it, but I think it’s Jung Yumi’s (Wonderful Mama) hair—those romantic, glossy locks of hair—that are my main point of envy. Sooooo pretty.


Congratulations, Nam Sang-mi, for not only sticking it through an infuriating drama with infuriating characters (admittedly par for the course when we’re talking family weekend makjangs) but also winning an award for it. (That’s Goddess of Marriage, by the way.)


Kim Ji-hoooooon (), are you wearing white socks with your tux? Eeeee. I know a certain snarky lawyer lady who’d have some Words To Say about that, and a handy Daesang trophy to hit you over the head with. Although ankles aside, Kim Ji-hoon looks about as yummy as ever.


Jang Hyun-sung also won an award for Goddess of Marriage, and while I did not see much of that drama, I cannot understand when/how/why. His character set my teeth on edge—and that’s setting aside the fact that whenever I see Jang in a drama now, I automatically assume he’s either a killer or secret villain. He gives me the heebie-jeebies.


Jeon Gwang-ryul picked up a Top Excellence award for his weekend drama Passionate Love; I have not seen it, but Jeon is reliably strong in everything he does so I don’t doubt he earned it.


What’s with the I Hear Your Voice boys showing up with bleached-blond hair? Choi Sung-joon played one of the public defender colleagues in that, though he looks like a complete different person here, all slick and smooth. (Well, his character was a bumbling sidekick.)


Jung Eun-woo is a face I don’t recognize, but he did win a Special Acting Award for a short drama (Strange Person). He was also in Five Fingers and the current daily One Well-Raised Daughter (both SBS), so perhaps we’ll be seeing more of him in the future.


Kim So-hyun wore a shorter dress the night before for MBC, but stuck to the white color scheme with this bias-cut number with a train. I think I slightly prefer the shorter look on her, but she’s fresh and sweet in both of them, and is doing everything right as she grows up onscreen (and on red carpets) in front of us. She was here to pick up a New Star award for (Suspicious Housekeeper), which I didn’t think was a role that required much of her (not compared to what she can do, for sure). Still, she’s certainly a new star to watch out for, so it makes sense to send one trophy her way.


Kim Sumi (Incarnation of Money) always has interesting looks on the red carpet; you can tell she has fun picking out fun gowns to wear. She was the Lifetime Achievement awardee tonight.


Kim Su-ro and Kim Min-jong had one of last year’s big hits with A Gentleman’s Dignity, and I love that they came together to the ceremony. Aw, brojusshi love.


The gown isn’t really draped or fitted or anything, but Park Eun-hye (Two Women’s Rooms) looks regal in it. Is that the power of colorblocking?


And last but not least, we have the child actor crew, with Kal So-won at far left. You probably know her better as the winsome girl of Miracle in Cell No. 7, though she also had a few drama appearances this year. She played Sung Yuri’s daughter in Birth Secret, and the other kidlets with her on the red carpet are Kang Ji-woo (the youngest sister in Suspicious Housekeeper), Lee Re (Oh Ja-ryong Is Coming), Hong Eun-taek (one of the neighbor boys in Master’s Sun), and Jeon Jin-seo (I Love You Because It’s You), who apparently performed a rendition of Crayon Pop’s “Bar Bar Bar.” A-dor-a-ble.

Via TV Daily


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Maybe So Ji Sub dressed so funky to protest Gong Hyo Jin being snubbed?? I would have--I can't believe she didn't win anything and I can't understand how SJS and GHJ didn't win best couple :(


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I just watched this a while ago. I'm so curious about a few things: why people who presented the awards, the MC & overall celebrities who were there seemed very awkward w/ each other? The jokes seemed too dry; and to be honest to me the whole presentation itself didn't give me a vibe that this was THE drama awards? Not as glamour as I wished to be.

Also, what's w/ the people who were siting down behind the actors's tables? They were wearing extremely casual outfit, jeans, sneakers & even that cat hat; their demeanor also puzzled me--it felt like looking at the staff at the backstage. What's up w/ that? I assume they might be SBS staff/actor's assistants, but please....it's an awards & they sat near the dressed-up actors & actress.
I dunno..I feel it'd look much better & appropriate if those people wear something more dressy/formal to compliment the theme?

And what's w/ those take-away coffee cups on the tables? Well, they looked like some Starbucks take-away cup to me, lol~ I'm so confused. Please anyone who can explain this...


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one day i will.GOD HELP ME TO BE.I want to be there.


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Who had the Gothic cross? Those children are adorable!!!


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