VIXX’s N up for Sassy, Go Go… Ji-soo out?

Ji-soo, N

…and that means javabeans will be out, too. They can’t take my Ji-soo away and expect me to still care about this show!

Take the news with the usual grain of salt: Casting hasn’t been finalized, actors are still deciding, et cetera. That said, KBS high school drama Sassy, Go Go is now courting idol star N of VIXX for a lead role… which happens to be the same character that was previously out to Ji-soo. There are no reports yet stating that Ji-soo has dropped out, but it’s rare to have a drama publicly courting two stars for the same role at the same time. I’ll hope he’s not out of the running, but I won’t hold my breath.

The character is a super-smart high school student who’s never lost his number 1 ranking at his elite high school, and is also among the top students on the nationwide rankings. He solves advanced math problems with ease and keeps his peers on their toes with his outstanding grades. Not sure yet how he figures into the cheerleading storyline, since the plot unfolds around the shake-up that happens when two clubs are merged, and highlights the hypocrisies of the educational system while also depicting bonds and friendships between its cast of teenage students.

Jung Eun-ji playing the lead cheerleader is one reason I was interested in watching Sassy, Go Go (she’s still considering), and Ji-soo had sealed the deal, since he was so endearing and scene-stealing in Angry Mom. The deal will be unsealed if Ji-soo’s out… but maybe I should just think positively and hope that he dropped this role in order to headline a different project. It could happen, right?

Sassy, Go Go follows Monday-Tuesday drama Strange Daughter-in-Law and premieres later this month.

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This drama originally must have wanted Kim Yoo Jung and Ji Soo as leads. They must have seen chemistry from them in 'Angry Mom'. But since KYJ turn down the offer maybe it is actually Ji Soo who also turn down this drama. That is why the production find another leads which is Eunji and N. I don't think the drama will openly court another idol/actor for the lead if Ji Soo haven't turn this down already.

They only courted Eunji for lead afte KYJ turn it down so maybe Ji Soo have finally turn down the offer too so they are now currently courting N.

Anyway best luck to Eunji and N!!! I won't be watching the drama not because I don't like the leads but because the story itself don't interest me. Still I hope Eunji and N success!!


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