Woohoo Waikiki 2: Episode 14

The problem with keeping secrets is that when you live as closely as the Waikiki housemates, those secrets are bound to get out eventually. Whether it’s something personal like a medical issue, or something even bigger such as a new relationship, your friends are going to notice something different. Do you tell the truth and open yourself up to embarrassment, or try to hide it and risk your friends coming to even worse conclusions?

EPISODE 14: “Everybody Has Secrets/The Scar Deeper Than Love” .

After deciding to quit acting for good, Jun-ki falls into a funk, doing nothing for days. Jung-eun gets fed up and rolls him out of bed, but he just lies on the floor, refusing to move.

Woo-shik gets a text from Min-ah, his former voice student who’s going to record the song he wrote about Soo-yeon. Ki-bong mentions how Min-ah admitted Woo-shik was her first love, and Woo-shik shoots a nervous glance at Soo-yeon while Soo-yeon tries to pretend she doesn’t care. She hurries off to work and Woo-shik snaps at Ki-bong not to say stupid stuff like that in front of her.

Jung-eun tells the guys that she’s really worried about Jun-ki, but Ki-bong thinks they should just leave him alone for a while. He says that when he got kicked off the baseball team, he felt worse when people tried to make him talk about it. Jung-eun is scared that Jun-ki really means to quit acting, so she decides to find out what happened and talk him out of it.

Ki-bong and Yu-ri run into each other in the hallway, obviously feeling awkward after admitting their possible interest in each other. Yu-ri mentions the date they agreed to go on tonight, and confirms that if it doesn’t feel right, they’ll go back to being friends. Ki-bong can barely breathe until Yu-ri leaves and wonders if this is a good idea.

Jun-ki can’t stop thinking about the actor he saw begging the movie PD to give him back his role, the one Jun-ki inadvertently took from him. Jung-eun tries again to get him to talk to her about what’s going on, and when he stays silent, she threatens to tell him all of her secrets so that he’ll feel comfortable telling her his secrets.

She starts with confessing that when they played Romeo and Juliet in college, the sound during their kissing scene was her farting. But Jun-ki already knows, because “farts don’t just make noises.” Oh how embarrassing. She tells him another secret that she’s sure he doesn’t know – that she was the one watching the porn movie that was left playing on the counter for guests to see – but he already knows that, too (“You were really into it for three whole hours.” ~cringe~).

He shoves Jung-eun out of the bedroom and locks the door, and she yells at him to forget what she said about the porn. Behind her, Woo-shik croons, “You watched porn? Which one?” LOL.

That afternoon, Ki-bong waits for Yu-ri in the park, trying to tamp down his jumpy nerves. She finally arrives and awww, they’re accidentally dressed in couple plaid! Ki-bong suggests a bike ride but Yu-ri is in a skirt, so he says they can go for a walk but she’s also wearing heels, and she says she gets seasick when he mentions a river cruise.

He asks what she feels like doing, but he doesn’t like romantic comedy movies and he absolutely hates shopping. Well, this is off to an awful start.

Woo-shik is adorable as he playfully teases Jung-eun about her interest in porn films. She insists that was the first one she ever saw and that it came on by mistake, but he just asks what she was doing to make that happen. He finally lays off messing with her and asks why she was talking to Jun-ki about porn, and she says that she was hoping Jun-ki would open up to her.

Woo-shik’s advice is to drink with Jun-ki if she wants to get him talking. So she takes a tray of beers into his room, and Jun-ki reluctantly sips at his beer.

Ki-bong and Yu-ri decide to get something to eat, though they’re already feeling like this isn’t working out. They can’t agree on what to eat – Ki-bong’s taste is too cheap and Yu-ri’s taste too expensive. They slump off to the food court so they can eat get whatever they want, certain that they make the worst match ever.

Jung-eun ends up drunk and starts telling secrets again. Her first confession is that she actually loves porn and has been watching it since she was a kid. HAHAHA, she even offers to let Jun-ki borrow her eight terabyte stash. She says that’s her last secret and asks what he’s so upset about, but when he still won’t talk about it, she brings out her secret weapon.

After eating, Yu-ri reluctantly agrees to go to an arcade with Ki-bong, although she hates games. They bicker the entire time, and while playing the basketball machine, Ki-bong accidentally rebounds a ball right into Yu-ri’s face. She rears back when she realizes she has a bloody nose, banging her head into Ki-bong’s face and giving him a matching bloody nose.

They plug their noses with tissue and sit on a park bench pouting. Ki-bong buys them some corn dogs, but Yu-ri whines at the ketchup he put on hers, and she complains that she prefers her corn dogs plain. She asks him several more questions like whether he pours the sauce on his sweet-and-sour pork or dips it, and all of his answers are the opposite of her preferences.

They decide that they’re really just a bad match and have nothing in common, and agree to head home. Ha, they even disagree on which direction the bus stop is.

Jung-eun wakes up some time later on the couch with a headache. She asks Woo-shik how she got out here, and he starts teasing her again about her porn collection, which she told him all about while drunk. He asks if the other thing she told him is also true, that she used to like Jun-ki, and she recalls to her horror that she told Jun-ki about her crush on him.

That, Jun-ki had not already known. He’d gaped at her as she called him a bad man and passed out on his bed. She asks Woo-shik not to tell anyone, but he says it’s too late – she was yelling and crying so loud, the whole neighborhood knows.

As their terrible date continues, Ki-bong gets excited to see a toy machine that has the last figure in a set he’s been collecting. The machine eats his coins, but the store owner accuses him of using fake coins and breaking it. Hurt and disappointed, Ki-bong says they should go, but Yu-ri tells the store owner that she saw Ki-bong put coins in the machine and to give him his money back.

As she argues for him to be treated fairly, Ki-bong sees Yu-ri in a new light. He thinks to himself that she’s cool and smart, and confident, and very attractive. She gets his coins back, fussing at him for letting people walk all over him, but he looks like a man who just lost his heart. As they keep walking, Ki-bong looks at Yu-ri with the goofiest smile on his face.

The wind kicks up and blows her scarf into a nearby creek. Ki-bong doesn’t hesitate to jump into the water to retrieve it, and as he grins at her from the middle of the creek, Yu-ri has her own moment of revelation. She thinks that he’s thoughtful and kind, and also very attractive.

Jung-eun goes back in to talk to Jun-ki, who doesn’t even sit up while she tells him that the whole crush business was in the past. He says it’s fine and to leave him alone, so Jung-eun snaps that they’re not best friends anymore if he won’t even talk to her. But Jun-ki grabs her wrist and asks if she really means that, and she says she can’t help him if she doesn’t know what the problem is.

Jun-ki says that she has to leave him alone after he tells her, then explains that he didn’t really pass that audition – Hyun-sung arranged it. He says that even after he knew, he was planning to take the role because he wanted it to badly. But then he found out that someone else had been promised the part, and he saw him as devastated by Jun-ki’s unfair casting as he was when Hyun-sung did the same thing to him.

Jung-eun argues that that doesn’t mean he has to quit acting altogether. Jun-ki says that he can’t forgive himself, and he doesn’t deserve to be an actor. He tells Jung-eun to leave now, and lies back down to quietly cry.

Now that he’s realized how he feels about Yu-ri, Ki-bong worried that she thinks they aren’t a good match. Yu-ri has the same concern, but when he agrees with her that walking in night breezes is nice, she says that they do have that one thing in common. Ki-bong clarifies that he doesn’t like strong winds, and he beams when she says she doesn’t either, because now they have two things in common.

They come up with a list of other things they agree on, like not caring for extreme temperatures and getting hungry when you haven’t eaten in a while. They’re stretching, but it makes them happy, and it’s the cutest thing ever.

Ki-bong asks shyly if Yu-ri wants to try dating for another week, but she thinks they should at least give it a month. Ki-bong says that that makes today their first day, and gets permission to hold her hand as they walk home. I love them so much, I can’t stand it.

When they run into each other the next morning, Yu-ri complains about her morning face and hair. But Ki-bong says that she looks pretty anyway, and they flirt adorably until a very grumpy Jung-eun busts them apart on her way to Jun-ki’s room.

She tells him to get his lazy butt out of bed because she’s taking him somewhere. She literally drags him out of his room and takes him to a theater, where the actor whose role he usurped is busy mopping the stage. Jung-eun tells him to talk to the guy and ask his forgiveness, then maybe he can forgive himself.

Jun-ki talks to the actor and tells him what happened, and sincerely apologizes. The actor says he doesn’t know if it’s his place to forgive Jun-ki, because if he received the same offer, he’s not sure he’d have refused. He says that he can’t forgive Jun-ki if he gives up on acting because of this.

He tells Jun-ki that people like them act because they love it, not to become famous, so Jun-ki is being too hard on himself if he gives up something he loves. Jun-ki says he does love acting, so the man asks him for a favor.

Jun-ki tells Jung-eun that the man asked him to perform in a play with him. He says he agreed, because he wants to try and remember why he originally fell in love with acting. He thanks Jung-eun for being a true friend, grinning at her and looking like the old Jun-ki again, and he even teases her about liking him, hee.

Ha, it looks like the play is The King and the Clown (with Jun-ki playing the “real” Lee Jun-ki’s role from the movie). Jun-ki’s dancing is stilted, and he explains that he’s been too busy to practice, but actually he’s just having a hemorrhoid flare-up. Ouchie! His doctor tells Jun-ki that if he doesn’t start taking better care of himself, he’ll need a colostomy.

Woo-shik finds Soo-yeon, who’s fallen asleep while working again, and covers her with a blanket. She wakes up, and he fibs that he was just worried she’d catch a cold. Woo-shik makes her some coffee, and she watches him with the sweetest little smile.

At the end of the day, Yu-ri and Ki-bong come home from working the food truck and start flirting in the hallway. Yu-ri uses a hanky to wipe Ki-bong’s face while he mugs for a kiss, but Woo-shik busts them and asks what they’re doing. Yu-ri fake-gripes at Ki-bong and leaves, and Woo-shik tells Ki-bong that he’s way too nice.

Jun-ki trips over the threshold on his way in, and the others worry about the weird look on his face. They think he’s still depressed about the movie role, but he’s just in a hurry to put medicine on his poor sore hiney. He locks the door so they don’t find out and make fun of him.

In the middle of the night, Ki-bong wakes up to a strange sobbing noise and finds Jun-ki awake and crying. He’s crying because he’s in pain and scared of getting a colostomy, but in the morning when Ki-bong tells Woo-shik, they still think it’s because of his acting even though Jung-eun says he’s over it. Yu-ri suggests that maybe Jun-ki has depression, and when Jun-ki refuses breakfast, her certainly looks depressed.

Min-ah shows up unannounced yet again to ask Woo-shik for his help with the song. They go to Woo-shik’s studio, and Jung-eun asks Ki-bong if he thinks Min-ah likes Woo-shik, because she keeps making excuses to come over. Soo-yeon excuses herself to her room to work, and Jung-eun notices that Soo-yeon’s mood changed as soon as Min-ah showed up.

In his room, Jun-ki locks the door to apply some medicine, and this time he decides to close the curtains as well, just in case. They aren’t working right so he drapes the fabric around his neck to better see the track, then accidentally slips off the bed. He gasps for help, and Ki-bong has to break the locked door to reveal Jun-ki hanging from the curtains.

The housemates rush in and get him down, and by their reaction, Jun-ki can tell that they think he did it on purpose. He tries to explain, but he can’t tell them the real reason he locked the door and closed the curtains.

The ladies are in the kitchen talking about Jun-ki when Min-ah comes down. Soo-yeon offers to make her some persimmon tea, but the lid to the jar is stuck closed. Min-ah moves close, trying to help, so when the lip finally pops off, Soo-yeon punches her in the face. Soo-yeon swears it was an accident, but after Min-ah leaves, Jung-eun wonders if Soo-yeon subconsciously did it on purpose.

Ki-bong becomes Jun-ki’s personal security guard, which means that Jun-ki can’t get any privacy to apply his medicine. He keeps telling Ki-bong that it was a misunderstanding, but without the real explanation, Ki-bong refuses to leave him alone. Jun-ki debates telling him, but he got teased too badly last time to risk it.

Yu-ri assures Jung-eun that Jun-ki will be fine since Ki-bong is with him, but Jung-eun grumbles that Ki-bong is kinda dumb. Yu-ri snaps that there’s nothing wrong with being dumb, and that Ki-bong is loyal and responsible, and Jung-eun asks why she’s so upset.

Soo-yeon borrows a length of rubber fabric from Yu-ri to stretch out her tense shoulders. She loses her grip just as Min-ah comes downstairs, and slaps her across the cheek. Soo-yeon is horrified and trundles Min-ah to the kitchen to put ice on it, but Jung-eun tells Yu-ri that she still thinks it’s not truly accidental.

Jun-ki finds himself sleeping that night between Woo-shik and Ki-bong, his hands tied to theirs so he can’t apply his medicine. He manages to untie himself without waking either of his friends, and heads to the bathroom to take a sitz bath.

Ki-bong wakes up and finds Jun-ki gone, so he rouses Woo-shik. They hear odd noises coming from the bathroom and bust the door open, and Jun-ki just barely pulls his pants up in time. They notice the basin of water, so Jun-ki says he was going to wash his face, and the guys stay to watch just to be sure.

Jun-ki starts to pour out the water, but Ki-bong says it’s a waste and that he’ll wash his face instead. Ki-bong sticks his hands in (gag) and Jun-ki is finally forced to confess about his hemorrhoids to save his friend’s skin.

They’re glad to hear that he’s just been trying to apply medicine and not what they were thinking. Woo-shik has to explain to Ki-bong what a sitz bath is, and Jun-ki begs them not to mention this to the girls. Ki-bong goes to wash his hands, and Jun-ki asks Woo-shik to apply his medicine since it’s difficult to do himself. LOL.

In the morning, Ki-bong just tells the girls that they were mistaken about Jun-ki, but he loyally doesn’t tell them what was really going on. He and Yu-ri discuss their plan for the day, and Ki-bong forgets and aygeos at Yu-ri until Jung-eun says that they’re acting like they’re in love and they break apart.

Jung-eun wanders off to check on Jun-ki, and she hears the strange noises from the bathroom. Jun-ki catches her leaning on the door, and she notices the tears in his eyes and the fact that he’s still not eating, which worries her all over again.

Later, Soo-yeon is working in her room when she remembers that she left something on the stove. The kitchen is full of smoke, and as she’s waving her hands around trying to disburse it, she smacks poor Min-ah in the face a third time. She tries to explain to Woo-shik that she didn’t ever hit Min-ah on purpose, but everyone is having a really hard time believing her by now.

In his room, Jun-ki practices his scarf dance for the play, but his scarf gets caught on a nail by the ceiling. He climbs on a chair to try and loosen it, which is, of course, when Jung-eun walks in and thinks he’s trying to off himself again. She screams and tackles him, and he falls onto the chair back — right in the hemorrhoids.

She takes him to the doctor, apologizing profusely. Jun-ki grins and asks if she was really that worried, mostly just glad that someone cares about him that much. He tells her that if he gets a colostomy, she has to take care of him for the rest of his life, and she smacks him on the butt before remembering how much it hurts.

While Soo-yeon vacuums upstairs, she wonders why she keeps hitting Min-ah and if it means that subconsciously, she’s jealous because she likes Woo-shik. She waves it off as silly, but she sees Woo-shik and Min-ah sitting very close together while they work. Min-ah is gazing at Woo-shik and tells him that he’s handsome when he’s working, and he jokes with her that of course he’s handsome all the time.

Seething, Soo-yeon gets right between them with her vacuum and shoves them further apart. Woo-shik says he already cleaned up here, but Soo-yeon grumbles that it’s filthy, just filthy, and stays firmly where she is.


Oh yes, girl, you are very jealous! I don’t blame Soo-yeon for being reluctant to admit it even to herself, because she did turn Woo-shik down and he has the right to date whoever he wants, and she knows that. He hasn’t actually shown any romantic interest in Min-ah — in fact, he seems to like her as a colleague but acts annoyed by her assumptive behavior — but at this point, that’s kind of none of Soo-yeon’s business. Now that she knows that she might actually still care for Woo-shik, she needs to decide if she’s willing to do something about it, and if she is, tell him. No more denial or subconscious acting out… it’s time for Soo-yeon to get honest, with Woo-shik and herself, or let him go for real.

I’m not sure how I feel about the show using something appearing as suicide as a source of humor. I’m not upset by it as a plot device (it’s been done before and to less amusing effect), and it did fit into Jun-ki’s story well, but the way it was handled feels in poor taste in a way I can’t exactly put my finger on. Waikiki has made poorer jokes and still managed to be funny, but the actual depiction of Jun-ki’s supposed suicide attempts just didn’t land right with me. I think the show could have gotten across that the housemates thought Jun-ki was suicidal without actually having him almost hang himself.

But I appreciate that this whole episode showed how much the housemates all care about Jun-ki and worry about him — especially Jung-eun, who I suspect hasn’t put aside her feelings for him as completely as she claims. She puts a lot of energy into thinking about him, worrying about him, checking up on him, and trying to help him, and the was the first to worry about him and the last to let go of her worry. I love that Jun-ki notices and appreciates how much Jung-eun for him, and I want to hope that his “take care of my for the rest of my life” was a hint of the future, though at this late point I’m starting to doubt that he might ever return her feelings. They may end up as just very close friends like always, which I would actually be fine with, because my Ki-bong/Yu-ri ship has finally sailed!

Their date was so horrid (and haven’t we all been there are least once – ugh) and painful to watch, and entirely believable because we all know that Yu-ri and Ki-bong are polar opposites. I love that the thing that made them change their minds and look at each other in a different way is that they realized the same thing I said weeks ago — that they can argue and criticize and disagree all they want, and they are both far from perfect, but ultimately they’re good people with hearts of gold. People don’t have to like all the same foods or activities… what’s important is that they are a team, and they’re always there for each other. Yu-ri and Ki-bong have been a solid team for a long time, it just took them a while to realize it.


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When I saw Soo-yeon rush in with that vacuum I just about cheered- she has finally acknowledged her feelings and is even trying to take action on them, if only in an awkward defensive sense.

Lollypip is right- the Ki-bong and Yu-ri ship has sailed. They needed that awful first date to go the way that it did: Both of them now know that their relationship will not be about "liking the same things". It is about "being there for each other"- and eventually they will understand that it is the union of their differences which will make them an absolutely unbeatable couple, fabulous parents and great business partners.

I loved the way that Jun-ki came back to acting. And I have to wonder- I know that it is late in the game but what if the author's have a surprise up their sleeve for Jun-ki's career? This is not TV, he did not audition for it- it is the almost accidental result of his going to apologize to the actor whose role he almost 'stole'. What if this new role turns out to be professionally successful at some level and leads to some level of professional recognition?


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This episode was seriously crazy. Ki Bong's and Yu Ri's date, which even tho in the beggining was not such a big success I'm so happy that they're trying it out.
Then So Hee trying to find what's going on with Jun Ki by telling him her secrets AND eventually saying that she had a crush on him WOW. So after this I'm guessing that nothing will happen between them because of these friendly hugs and Jun Ki teasing So Hee about it, well that was my favourite ship... Also I'm SUPER happy about Jun Ki, finding himself and moving on, I couldn't bear seeing him this sad. The second half of the episode was really funny, all these situations they thought he was trying to "kill" himself, the hemorrhoid and him trying to take the sitz baths, the chair..!!!!
About Soo Yeon I thing it's really time for her to confess cause there are only 2 eps left and I need these love triangles to end. Also it's sad for me that there are only 2 eps left cause this drama really made me laugh and smile... I kind of know that there wont be a third season


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When you realized that there's only two eps and you crave for more eps?

I noticed in the past eps that the writers enjoyed writing Yoori-Kibong storyline leaving the other two 'couples' behind. I love them as a couple, I wish that they could balance it. Now that they're official, they may now focus on the two 'couples'. I can't help but Wooshik, Sooyeon and Jungeun got the short end of the stick. With only 2 episodes left (or 4 parts), I have a feeling they'll rush everything or worse an open ending.

Anyway, fans are already requesting for S3, which is quite expected. Since it's a 'sitcom', there are more stories to tell whether it's relatable, funny and their ideas are unlimited. I hope JTBC will renew this for a S3 with the same or different cast.

Preview for Ep 15: https://youtu.be/J11QImyybv4


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I'm so sad this drama is coming to a close, and also kinda sad that it seems like most people dropped it after a few weeks, and that it's not as well received as the first one :(

I just adore this show. It's certainty a different case dynamic but I could literally have this show just keep going and I don't think I would get sick of it. I really wished this drama either got a 3rd season or just followed the Western TV show formats. It would be so great. I'm not ready to say goodbye.


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What, are we already at the end??? I wish it was one of those long-running sitcoms, I could watch it for years.


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It would be hard to be even as good as the first season- which many people see as the best Korean Comedy of all time. But the way that they did the set-up of the second season makes a third season possible- sort of like the "I need Romance" seasons (or the School franchise). That does not mean that it will happen.

And, in fact there would be dramatic logic to continue this show- if the demand were there.


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