The Spies Who Loved Me: Episode 11

A betrayal places our designer and both her ex-husband and husband in grave danger so she considers enlisting the help of a powerful ally. But first, some unexpected setbacks drive home the fact that they need to work together to survive because it’s getting harder to tell the difference between the good guys and the bad guys.


Derek poses for a mug shot and when Ah-reum joins him, she narrates that her current husband is a criminal and by association, she’s his accomplice. Luckily, her ex-husband is in law enforcement and she’s hopeful he’ll help them start a new life. When Ji-hoon joins them for his mugshot, Ah-reum admits, “I have a bad feeling about this.”

At Dong-ran’s wedding after Dong-taek’s disappearance, Ah-reum tells us, “Perhaps, the three of us working together was a mission impossible from the start. When love is part of the equation, three is a crowd.”

Shocked by the news of Dong-taek’s escape, Derek denies being the leak. After Ji-hoon is summoned by Jin-min, Ah-reum returns to Dong-ran, leaving Derek alone.

Ah-reum confirms that Dong-ran doesn’t know Dong-taek’s whereabouts and slips out to call Ji-hoon, unaware that Dong-ran is eavesdropping. After their call, Ah-reum removes the camera she’d hidden in the empty suite.

At Gulliver Publishers, Jin-min’s rage rises when Young-gu reports that Dong-taek just landed in Japan. After hurling a book at Ji-hoon’s head, Jin-min has to inform his team, “We have a leak.” His attention on Ji-hoon, Jin-min asks, “Can we trust Derek,” and he quietly answers, “Yes.”

A taxi drives onto an empty lot and Derek jumps out and turns off Ji-hoon’s phone, “Are you crazy? You can be traced.” Derek scolds Ji-hoon for not being more careful, especially when there’s a leak on his team.

The taxi driver interrupts to ask for his payment because Derek refuses to use his credit card. Ji-hoon doesn’t have enough cash so when Ah-reum shows up, the men are relieved. Before leaving, the driver warns Ah-reum that when two men are in the middle of nowhere, they’re either dating or enemies. Heh.

Ah-reum asks for an update on Dong-taek and is surprised to hear that he’s in Japan. After Derek informs her that there was a leak, Ah-reum realizes that both her ex-husband and husband are in danger.

Unwilling to consider the possibility that there’s a leak on his team, Ji-hoon blames Derek for the failed mission, “I’m 150 percent sure that he leaked it.” Ah-reum asks Derek point-blank if there’s a chance that he blew his cover and he insists that he didn’t.

Derek quips that the police are so leaky they need a plumber and Ji-hoon grabs him by the collar. Derek grabs Ji-hoon’s collar in return and shouts, “Think straight! Ah-reum and I came this far because we put our trust in you!”

When it begins to rain, Ah-reum urges the quarreling men to get into her car but neither one of them moves until she screams, “You two are being impossible!” In the car, Ah-reum can’t find her key and guesses that she dropped it when she paid the taxi-driver.

Ji-hoon gets out to look for it with Derek right behind him. Ah-reum watches the two men bicker as they get soaking wet and calls them, “Dumb and Dumber.” Haha. After the pair finds the key, they get back in the car and argue about who saw it first.

After making a point to thank both Derek and Ji-hoon, Ah-reum tricks them into getting out of the car and starts to drive away. She stops long enough to tell them, “Have a nice date,” and then continues on her way.

Forced to give Derek a ride, Ji-hoon warns, “If you grab my waist, I’ll kill you.” Derek dutifully grabs Ji-hoon’s jacket but when Ji-hoon speeds away, his arms surround Ji-hoon’s waist.

When Derek gets home, Ah-reum shoves a hair dryer in his back and he puts his hands up. With a chuckle, she hands Derek the hair dryer so that he can dry himself but he just sinks to the floor and leans against the bed. Ah-reum pulls a comforter around Derek and then sits down with him.

In spite of her fears, Ah-reum promises to stay by Derek’s side and reminds him that Ji-hoon won’t abandon them. Derek begrudgingly admits, “If I were in his position, I don’t think I would have offered any help. I give him points for that.”

Ah-reum expresses her confidence that should the worst happen, Derek will find a way to save them. After reminding him, “The sun will rise again tomorrow,” Ah-reum rests her head on Derek’s shoulder.

At Interpol headquarters, Jin-min learns Internal Affairs will be investigating his team because they suspect there’s a mole. Over at Gulliver Publishers, a sleep deprived Young-gu insists that it’s not him, “Even if someone were to offer me…a bribe, I’d rather sleep than be a mole.”

When Ji-hoon walks in, Tae-ryong asks about Derek and Young-gu shares that he’s worried about him. It suddenly occurs to him that Derek could be double-crossing them to help Helmes but Seo-ra argues, “He jumped into the fire by joining us. That means he really loves his wife.”

Seo-ra admits that she suspects each member of the team including Jin-min who happens to be sitting in his office with a big smile on his face. When asked about herself, Seo-ra admits that she could be working with Doo-bong and Young-gu begs her not to mention his name.

Glancing at Ji-hoon, Seo-ra reminds him that he lied, “You didn’t mention Derek’s identity to us. You’re very suspicious.” When Ji-hoon makes a hasty exit, Young-gu agrees that he’s looking very suspicious.

At the garage, Derek remembers seeing Tinker limp when they were discussing an informant, Mr. K, who’s allegedly working with the CIA. Tinker asked if Derek had discussed the issue with the boss and he’d lied, “The boss told me himself.”

Derek then passed along the boss’ order for Tinker to travel to Tokyo to check into Mr. K and Tinker chuckled. When Tinker got to work on Ah-reum’s car, Derek thought, “This is the end of our partnership. I hope it was fun while it lasted.”

Later that day, Derek checks in with Tinker by video call after he’s arrived in Japan. Tinker reports that Mr. K had some tax problems that the CIA tried to exploit and when Derek asks “When will you get news from L.A.? From the Interpol mole,” he’s told there’s nothing to report.

Derek asks Tinker to contact Dong-taek and realizes too late that he got that information from Interpol. After they hang up, an alarm goes off and in a panic, Derek grabs a gun from the desk.

Dressed like an ahjumma out for exercise, Ah-reum meets Ji-hoon in a park and he asks, “Did you come out to gather bracken or something?” Ah-reum scolds Ji-hoon for teasing her when she’s so worried about Derek and the leak.

When Ji-hoon asks about Derek, Ah-reum snaps, “You two are giving me a hard time.” Ah-reum confides that Derek’s acting like there’s nothing wrong but he’s talking in his sleep just like Ji-hoon used to. A flashback shows Ji-hoon shouting in his sleep, “Run away,” which is exactly what Derek said during his bad dream.

Back when they were married, Ah-reum confronted Ji-hoon about his dream, “You were so scared.” Of course Ji-hoon denied that there was anything wrong until Ah-reum pointed to his sweat soaked pillow. In the present, Ah-reum admits to Ji-hoon, “You fear the same thing.”

Ji-hoon asks what she means and Ah-reum explains, “You were afraid of intimacy. And Derek is afraid of being alone.” Ah-reum admits that having them hide their fears hurts more than finding out that they kept a huge secret from her.

Ah-reum reminds Ji-hoon, “Tomorrow scares everyone,” which is why married couples should comfort each other. While Derek sits in Ah-reum’s restored car with the gun in his hand, Ah-reum confides, “Derek’s…worried. Nothing has turned out as planned. I’m worried, too. What if we end up like Sophie?” Ji-hoon pledges that won’t happen but Ah-reum can’t ignore their danger.

A lovestruck Doo-bong scrolls through photos of Seo-ra while his boys roughhouse during housekeeping duties. When they knock down the beaded curtain, Doo-bong starts to sweep up the mess and discovers the wooden bead that Seo-ra planted.

Thinking back, Doo-bong recalls seeing the beads swaying just before Seo-ra sneaked up to surprise him. Doo-bong remembers his dates with Seo-ra and realizes that she was “too perfect”.

Later, when Seo-ra arrives at the restaurant, she finds the mahjong room completely tossed. Doo-bong calls to explain that his boys got into a fight and he had to take them to the hospital, but he’s actually parked in an alley. After he hangs up, Seo-ra scans the floor and finds her bead.

Seo-ra doesn’t see the hidden camera that catches her shoving the bead into her purse. When Doo-bong sees proof that Seo-ra planted it, he smashes the watch she gave him and finds a tracking device.

While Du-rae treats the staff to fried chicken, Ah-reum is in her office mulling over what to do with Sophie’s USB. Now that Interpol has a mole on the team, she can’t give it to them.

Ah-reum remembers Sophie’s warning not to trust anyone around her and doesn’t hear Dong-ran walk in. Startled, Ah-reum drops the atomizer and Dong-ran picks it up. Dong-ran eventually returns it only to pick up Ah-reum’s scissors. Dong-ran wields them menacingly while asking about Dong-taek’s friendship with Derek, warning, “…there are two types of people. People on my side and people on Dong-taek’s side.”

Ah-reum considers having Dong-ran on her side, “When you don’t know who’s on your side…Your enemy’s enemy is your friend.” Sitting down with Dong-ran, Ah-reum warns that Dong-taek is involved in something so evil, revealing the truth about him could get her killed.

When Dong-ran exclaims, “Who would try that when I’m around,” Ah-reum takes that as a promise that she’ll protect her. Dong-ran realizes that Ah-reum is negotiating a deal and she admits, “I also need someone I can rely on.” As Dong-ran leaves, Ah-reum urges her to seriously consider her offer and teases, “What if it’s something that could bring down your brother?”

As soon as she’s alone, Ah-reum calls Sophie’s colleague, Park Sang-hwan. He complains that he was scammed by a fake recruiter until Ah-reum cuts in to explain that she wants to offer him a free wedding renewal package.

Back in her office, Ah-reum finds Ji-hoon waiting with a gas pistol that he claims is part of the “informant protection program”. Ji-hoon instructs Ah-reum to keep it with her at all times, even in the bathroom.

When Ah-reum aims the gun, Ji-hoon frets, “I taught you the wrong way.” Moving behind her, Ji-hoon adjusts Ah-reum’s stance and steadies her hands while warning, “Don’t trust anyone. Not me or your husband. At critical times, trust yourself.”

Young-gu catches Seo-ra going through Ji-hoon’s desk and explains why she’s wasting her time, “He’s not the mole…He can’t do two things at the same time.” Seo-ra argues that just means that Ji-hoon is dumb.

As Ji-hoon walks down a street, a black car pulls up and Ji-hoon recognizes Derek and gets in. When Ji-hoon comments, “Professionals don’t wear disguises,” Derek accuses him of forgetting the basics.

Ji-hoon recalls his first disguise as a priest and brags that female church attendance skyrocketed. Derek won’t share his first disguise and he’s surprised when Ji-hoon guesses, “Fake nose and fake wig.”

Derek changes the subject to inform Ji-hoon that Helmes just set up a new account to wire payment to a new informant…the Interpol mole. The mole also asked to be relocated to the U. S. with a new identity.

When Ji-hoon asks if his information is acurate, Derek confides that he checked it with an informant in L.A., a Korean private detective. Derek found the information in a file labeled “Purple Field” and reports that the mole is expected at Double Holdings in an hour just as a man wearing a bucket hat shows up there.

Young-gu gets a call from the U.S. with news on a ghost code he provided. They found a 93 year-old couple living on 54 hectares (over 130 acres) and Seo-ra asks Young-gu to find out who owns the land.

Seo-ra returns the wooden bead and asks Young-gu to make her another one. Young-gu wants Seo-ra to stop seeing Doo-bong but she reminds him, “Doo-bong is Helmes’ enemy. Your enemy’s enemy is your friend.” Tae-ryong returns and reminds them about their meeting with Jin-min and Young-gu tries calling Ji-hoon but his phone is turned off.

When Derek pulls up in front of Double Holdings, Ji-hoon explains that his team members are like family. Derek argues, “They do it because you’re like family…The reason that kept them around is the same reason that compels them to leave.” Ji-hoon admits, “At first, I suspected that you were Sophie’s killer. When you find her killer, don’t hide that from me.”

Derek stares up at Double Holdings and confesses that he hasn’t been there for 10 years. Worried that Derek will be recognized, Ji-hoon goes inside alone while the mole shoves some signed documents into a red notebook with a tassel.

In the lobby, Ji-hoon grabs Double Holding’s mail and is followed to the elevator. When Ji-hoon finds Double Holding, he rings the doorbell and announces that he has an appointment. The man from the elevator asks Ji-hoon why he’s carrying his company’s mail just as his thugs figure out he’s a cop.

Ji-hoon escapes through a side door and runs to Derek’s car but he’s not there. Derek returns with some coffee and after throwing it at the thugs, he and Ji-hoon join forces to fight them off. Eventually, both men are safe inside Derek’s car and Ji-hoon speeds away.

At the garage, Peter is on the phone with Tinker, who guides him to the poison pen that he left for him in the office. Peter places it in his pocket next to his taser-only pen and retrieves a recording device that he hid under the desk.

Outside, Doo-bong approaches the garage and tells himself, “With law enforcement on my tail, I can’t rely on Pil-ho…I need to survive.” On his way out, Peter listens to the recording and stops in his tracks when Tinker discusses Sophie’s death, “…the bigger problem is that Ah-reum is still investigating her friend’s death. Would it be enough to just scare her? Like we did to Sophie?”

In shock, Peter calls someone but there’s no answer. When Doo-bong is caught sneaking in, he pretends that he’s there to see Peter but he guesses, “Were you going to join forces with them and dump me?”

Peter shares what he just learned, “It was Tinker…He killed Sophie…The boss gave the orders without telling Derek.” Doo-bong asks how Peter found out and he shows him the earpiece/recorder. As Peter brushes past him, Doo-bong grabs his pen and presses it into Peter’s neck, “Get some sleep, buddy. I’ll use that secret to save myself.”

Doo-bong is almost out the door when he realizes that Peter is in serious trouble. Returning to Peter’s side, Doo-bong sees the two pens and guesses that one of them was poisoned and sobs, “Buddy! You can’t die! If you die, what will that make me?”

Suddenly still, Doo-bong wipes away his tears and coldly wishes Peter, “Rest in peace.” He takes Tinker’s recorded confession from Peter’s pocket and when Peter grabs his ankle, Doo-bong only pauses for a few seconds before walking out.

Alone, Peter remembers giving Sophie a custom made fountain pen, engraved with her name. Because it took so long to make, it ended up becoming Sophie’s wedding present. Peter confessed how much he regretted recruiting Sophie into Helmes, “…the greatest mistake I ever made.” Sophie had insisted, “I chose this path. I’ll take responsibility for my actions.”

Ji-hoon is waiting under a street light when Derek returns with a bottle of liquor. Derek pours some on Ji-hoon’s wounded hand and then takes a big swig to swish around his injured mouth.

Ji-hoon informs Derek that the mole was already gone, “You got the wrong time…Or were you trying to get me in trouble?” When Peter manages to call Ji-hoon, he jumps into Derek’s car with Derek right behind him and speeds away.

Dong-ran returns to Areumdan Dress and Ah-reum claims to have something that Dong-taek spent lots of money to obtain. Dong-ran asks how much Ah-reum wants but all she’s asking for is Dong-ran’s help.

Dong-ran complains that people ask for her help all the time. Ah-reum mentions Dong-taek’s recent sale of a DDK Medical factory which gets Dong-ran’s attention. Ah-reum offers to make some coffee before they get started, leaving Dong-ran alone in her office.

En route to Areumdan Dress, Ji-hoon informs Derek that Tinker is in the country and that he’s after Ah-reum.

Dong-ran picks up an imitation diamond necklace just as two detectives walk in. They drag Dong-ran away but when Ah-reum returns with the coffee, they realize they have the wrong person. Informing Ah-reum that they received a tip that she’s in possession of a stolen diamond necklace, Ah-reum bites on it to prove that it’s fake and hurts her teeth.

Jin-min starts the team meeting and Tae-ryong reports that Ji-hoon will be late. Young-gu reports that the ghost code he found after hacking the Helmes network led to a property in Nebraska where an elderly couple lives.

At Jin-min’s request, Young-gu checks on the Helmes locations in Korea and reports that a new one just appeared. He’s quiet when he recognizes Ji-hoon’s secret Interpol phone number.

Ah-reum is arrested and driven away in a police car just at Ji-hoon and Derek pull up.

Back at the meeting, Jin-min orders the team to arrest Ji-hoon who’s just as confused as Derek and Ah-reum over the latest development.


Poor Peter. He lost Sophie and became suspicious of Derek in the aftermath. Just when he figures out who had killed the woman he loved, Doo-bong unintentionally delivers a dose of poison with that pen. Peter uses his final seconds to warn Ji-hoon about Tinker, whose next target is Ah-reum, before becoming the next casualty. I honestly thought that Peter would be more pivotal in the final episodes and I never seriously expected Doo-bong’s character to be so ruthless.

Doo-bong is still a mystery to me. One second he seems to sincerely care about Peter and then the next second he’s like, “Too bad,” and grabbing the proof that Tinker killed Sophie for his own use. I get it that he’s an opportunist and every now and then he gets that cold look in his eyes but he seemed to sincerely like Peter. Double crossing Peter by betraying him to Helmes, he didn’t deserve that. I’m suddenly really worried about what he’ll do to Seo-ra now that he knows that she’s been spying on him. It seems that Young-gu’s concerns about Doo-bong have been spot-on so far.

Even worse than Doo-bong’s betrayal was the confirmation that there’s a sellout on the Interpol team. Ji-hoon is crushed because his team is the only family he has. Tae-ryong has been suspicious for some time but what was with Jin-min’s creepy smile? With the exception of Ji-hoon, anyone may have betrayed the team although I’m pretty that’s not true about Young-gu. As he explained, he treasures sleep more than money and he’s just a straight up nice guy.

After Ah-reum convinces Derek to cooperate with Interpol, she’s worried sick thanks to Dong-taek’s escape and the news of the mole. Which is why she makes the surprising decision to approach Dong-ran for help and it actually makes sense. Dong-ran has the money and as we’ve seen, she fights with Dong-taek to win. But I’m starting to sense that Dong-ran isn’t as cold and mean as she’s made out to be, she’s just determined to best Dong-taek, who’s actually a criminal. While I really dislike how viscously Dong-ran and Dong-taek fight with one another, he seems to bring out the worst in everyone. Ah-reum is clever to align herself with Dong-ran, especially after she warned that you have to choose sides when it comes to her and her brother. Hopefully she comes through for Ah-reum who’s just gotten hauled away after Tinker planted that stolen necklace in her store.

I’d appreciate Derek’s efforts to escape Helmes for Ah-reum if he still wasn’t keeping secrets from her. She’s really put her faith in Derek and has repeatedly pledged not to leave his side but will that still be true when she finally learns whatever else he’s hiding? Ah-reum is determined to make her marriage work but Derek’s lies may be too much to overcome, especially now that he’s lying to Helmes.


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That type of thinking is misandrist

Thank u for the recap. Enjoyed reading it


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I’m here, love the show, that’s all.


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I appreciate how this show pointedly includes shades of gray. Of course I have my preferences about how things should play out, but the way the show is written doesn’t make all the choices easy - it’s thoughtful and nuanced in that way.

I don’t think Derek is a bad person at heart, but I’m done with the lying, even if his intentions are well-meant. Ah-reum gave him a chance to come clean, and it’s exhausting to always wonder what else he’s hiding, just spooning it out in increments big enough to placate her. I feel bad for the guy, but that really disappoints me.

And while I appreciate Ah-reum’s determination to do better by her marriage this time round, it’s starting to feel a little forced, and that makes me sad. I kind of just want her to pack her bags and spend a few months on an island somewhere. Bring Doo-lae and a stack of books and go drink cocktails by the sea. Her resilience is amazing, but if anyone in this show deserves to put themself first, it’s her.


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Peters death is ...... I thought his role was more pivotal than that. DooBong really shocked me as well. He really cared for Peter , they cared for each other but.....that look when he shoved Peters hands off his leg, a little fear hit me.

Ah Reum's allying with DongRan doesn't sit well at all to me. She strikes me as someone who might use that USB for something sinister. The scene were they were both entering the pact was hilarious though.
And please , she deserves a break from all this troubles.


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