Monthly Magazine Home: Episode 9

Our leads decide to keep their romance a secret from their co-workers, but run into some problems while trying to keep their personal and professional lives separate. They encounter some communication problems while learning to navigate their new relationship but manage to make it through together, and our editor begins to think that her life may finally have turned around. However things are looking less positive for another member of the team.

EPISODE 9: “A flower blooming in a ruined heart, flowers bloom in a damaged house”

Young-won stares wide-eyed at Ja-sung and he says that he understands if she needs time to think about his confession but she cuts him off mid-sentence to tell him that she feels the same way. Unfortunately, before Ja-sung can reply, Gyeom arrives and ruins the moment.

Gyeom, on his way to check on Ja-sung, is surprised to see the two of them together and Young-won makes up a story about leaving her phone in Ja-sung’s car. Gyeom invites her to join them for a beer but Young-won makes her excuses, leaving Ja-sung staring after her helplessly.

Young-won spends the night at Eui-joo’s, and she and Ja-sung confirm their relationship over text the next morning. Secretary Hwang is surprised by Ja-sung’s jubilant reaction and assumes he’s had good news about an investment, but Ja-sung says it’s something even better than that.

Editor Choi fusses over Sang-soon when he arrives at work, still apologetic about hitting him in the nose with a pig bone the night before. Sang-soon surprises him by ignoring a call from his girlfriend, muttering that he shouldn’t take personal calls at work.

Ja-sung bids everyone a cheerful welcome as he walks into the office, and Editor Choi tells him that he has news that will add to his good mood: Sang-soon is prioritising work over his girlfriend for once. Ja-sung looks increasingly awkward as Editor Choi complains to him about how unprofessional it is for an employee to bring their dating life to work.

As Ja-sung sits down at his desk, he resolves to take his own advice and strictly separate his personal and professional life — but is immediately distracted by Young-won’s arrival. He gapes as she walks in wearing an uncharacteristically elegant and tight-fitting black dress, borrowed from Eui-joo, which also draws a lot of compliments from the rest of the team.

Young-won congratulates Sang-soon on winning a subscription and he thanks her awkwardly, exchanging looks with Eui-joo. Editor Choi notices Ja-sung staring out at them from his window and orders everyone to get back to work, mistaking his stunned look for a glare.

At an editorial meeting, Eui-joo asks everyone to complete a test which will sort them into 16 different basic personality types, as she’s planning to write an article linking MBTI types and interior design styles. Ja-sung spends the meeting gazing at Young-won with a dopey smile on his face and secretly sending her texts.

Unfortunately Editor Choi notices Young-won on her phone and tells her off sharply, quoting Ja-sung’s own words about focusing on work during work hours in an obvious bid to win his favor. He asks when Ja-sung plans to submit his MBTI results and Ja-sung has no idea what he’s talking about, inadvertently revealing that he hasn’t been paying any attention to anything Eui-joo said.

Young-won delivers some paperwork to Ja-sung in his office and he apologizes for getting her into trouble, admitting he’s struggling to contain his feelings. He asks if they should just announce they’re dating but Young-won doesn’t think it’s a good idea after everything he’s said about remaining professional at work. She’s also worried that the others will be uncomfortable around her if they know she’s dating the boss.

Ja-sung promises to be more careful and invites her for a secret lunch together, but unfortunately Editor Choi turns up to inform Ja-sung that it’s time for them all to leave for the team lunch meeting. He’d told Ja-sung during the editorial meeting but Ja-sung hadn’t been paying attention to anything except Young-won.

At the restaurant, Young-won is about to take the seat next to Ja-sung when he stops her in front of everyone and orders her to sit somewhere else, telling her that they spend plenty of time together on feature so she should stop monopolizing his time and give someone else the chance to speak to him.

Ja-sung tells the staff members still standing to sit down if they’d like to speak with him, first-come first-served, but none of them move. Editor Choi, on Ja-sung’s other side, tries to cover for their reluctance by telling him that they’re all just humbled by the honor, and pulls faces at Eui-joo until she grudgingly offers herself up as sacrifice.

Ja-sung announces that he’d like to serve today, and compliments each person as he hands them their bowl — all except Young-won. He sits down without serving her, and when Eui-joo points out that he’s forgotten someone, Ja-sung blames Young-won for having so little presence as he half-heartedly tosses the remaining abalone to her. Editor Choi observes that she’s lucky to have gone last because she got the biggest abalone, and Ja-sung smiles smugly to himself, proud of his cunning plan.

Young-won and Ja-sung lag behind the others on the way back to the office, and he apologizes to her for his behavior at lunch. He explains that he’s acting especially coldly towards her to make sure no one gets suspicious of their relationship, and she assures him that he’s doing a great job.

Editor Choi notices the two of them talking together, and Ja-sung panics and loudly rebukes Young-won for pestering him about work during his free time. As he walks away he sends her a secret finger heart behind his back and she smiles, while the rest of the team wonder why Ja-sung’s being so harsh to her today.

Chan notices the designer bag Young-won returned to Gyeom sitting in the trunk of his car, and encourages him to give it to her again in person. They both scramble to block the bag from view when Young-won interrupts them, and as he watches her walk away Chan observes that that bag would be the perfect accompaniment for her new, chic look but Gyeom remains unmoved.

Editor Choi sends Sang-soon discount coupons for a wedding venue, bridal make-up and a wedding hanbok as an engagement present, assuming that Sang-soon will be getting married soon now that he’s won a subscription. Young-won is impressed and Editor Choi explains that he used to work at a wedding magazine and pulled out all the stops with his old contacts to get these coupons, since he and Sang-soon are so close.

Sang-soon thanks him, and Editor Choi assures him that he’ll help him with all his wedding planning so he gets the best deals. Eui-joo says he shouldn’t go to so much trouble without being asked but Editor Choi just tells her to stop bringing down the mood with her jealousy, and she sighs as he goes back to making a fuss over Sang-soon.

Ja-sung is congratulating himself on his acting when the security guard calls to let him know that the repairs at Young-won’s apartment have been completed so she can move back in immediately. Ja-sung is dismayed, having expected it to take a few more days, but unfortunately the guard tried to do him a favor by nagging the workmen to hurry.

Ja-sung tells the security guard he’ll inform the tenant himself, and then texts Young-won that the repair work has been delayed and will take longer than expected, grinning to himself. Young-won apologizes for inconveniencing him, but Ja-sung reassures her that he’s happy to spend more time together and they agree to have dinner that evening.

While fussing over her appearance in the mirror, Young-won accidentally gets her hair caught in the zip of her borrowed designer dress and tears the fabric badly while yanking it free. She frantically searches for a replacement online but it costs over a million won, more than twice what she can afford.

As she’s agonising over the dress, Young-won gets a reminder that her rent is due and begins to type out a message to Ja-sung asking if she can defer payment for a month due to an emergency, but her pride stops her from sending it. Instead, she’s forced to own up to Eui-joo.

The tear isn’t repairable, and Young-won assures Eui-joo that she’ll pay her back but asks if she can do it in monthly installments. Eui-joo refuses and Young-won’s heart sinks, but fortunately Eui-joo tells her that it’s actually a knock-off, so to Young-won’s massive relief it’s not worth a tenth of the designer price.

Young-won delivers an article to Ja-sung and has to disappoint him by telling him that she’ll have to cancel their plans because she’s going for dinner with Eui-joo instead. Annoyed, Ja-sung assumes that Eui-joo was just bored and wanted company, so he offers her his own VVIP invitation to a secret party being held that night by a high-end fashion magazine.

Eui-joo is tempted but doesn’t take the bait, so Ja-sung ups the stakes by mentioning that he’s heard Gong Yoo and Hyun Bin are going to be in attendance and she immediately snatches the invite out of his hands. He swears her to secrecy, pretending that he doesn’t want the other staff members to get jealous.

Eui-joo tells Young-won that she’ll have to cancel their dinner plans because she needs to work late, and Young-won offers to stay and help. Before Eui-joo can reply, Ja-sung comes rushing over to tell Young-won to focus on her own work and stop interfering in other people’s business, and orders her to go home immediately.

Ja-sung finishes off by criticizing her loudly for having so many faults, and constantly needing so much guidance from him. As he stalks off, the others ask Young-won what on earth she’s done to inspire that level of vitriol and urge her to leave quickly.

Ja-sung pulls up alongside Young-won as she’s walking home and runs around the car to hold the door open for her so they can go for dinner, but she stammers out an excuse and rushes off, leaving him confused and disappointed.

Young-won thinks back to earlier that day when she overheard Ja-sung talking on the phone. He had sounded disgusted to hear that someone was over thirty and didn’t even have 1 million won to their name and she’d been relieved that she hadn’t humiliated herself by sending him that text asking to defer her rent payment. Except when she looked at her phone, she was horrified to discover that she had accidentally sent that text after all and now she’s too embarrassed to face him.

Young-won runs into Gyeom, who’s surprised to see her at the convenience store so dressed-up. She admits she had other plans but cancelled them because she wasn’t in the mood, and Gyeom invites her to join him for the evening at his second home (his tent down by the river). She agrees, not wanting to go home and face Ja-sung, and Gyeom excitedly rushes to dispose of their trash.

While he’s gone, Young-won gets a call from the security guard at her building asking her to pick up her mail when she moves back into her apartment, since the leak has been fixed. He’s surprised Ja-sung forgot to let her know, and Young-won pulls up the text Ja-sung sent earlier that day telling her that the repairs had been delayed, realizing that he’d lied.

Ja-sung is looking forward to seeing Young-won when he arrives home, but the apartment is empty. When he looks in her room he discovers that all her things have gone, and she’s left a note on the bed letting him know that she’s moved back into her own apartment.

Ja-sung is hurt that Young-won left with saying goodbye and wonders if she purposely bailed on dinner to avoid him. Remembering all the rude things he’d said to her that day while trying to throw the others off their scent, he assumes that he actually had hurt her feelings despite her assurances that she understood he was just pretending. Groaning, Ja-sung says that it’s no wonder Young-won left him, because even he wouldn’t want to date himself.

Editor Choi takes Sang-soon out for an expensive dinner and encourages him to call him hyung. After buttering him up for a while, Editor Choi asks Sang-soon if he can do him a favor by putting his son in contact with a super-exclusive, highly sought-after math tutor at the academy his girlfriend teaches at. Sang-soon awkwardly says that he doesn’t know the guy so Editor Choi pulls out a photo — it’s the man that Sang-soon’s girlfriend was holding hands with.

Overcome, Sang-soon takes a drink while Editor Choi explains that he’s heard from his son that Sang-soon’s girlfriend and the math tutor are very close to the point that there are false rumors that they’re dating, so Editor Choi’s wife is expecting him to use his connection with Sang-soon to get their son into the class.

Editor Choi is terrified of his wife’s temper and pleads with Sang-soon to make a call to his girlfriend. Sang-soon apologetically tells him he can’t and Editor Choi turns on him, cursing Sang-soon out and leaving him with the tab for their expensive meal.

Gyeom goes to the office to visit Mi-ra, who’s pleasantly surprised he hasn’t asked her why she’s living there in secret. They laugh about Chan’s Youtube channel over drinks, and Mi-ra stares wistfully at Gyeom when he’s not looking.

Young-won re-hangs her 10,000 won daily calendar on the wall, wondering if she was being too harsh leaving just a note behind for Ja-sung. Eui-joo calls and when she hears that Young-won’s moved back into her apartment says she’ll call round since she’s nearby.

The doorbell rings and Young-won opens the door assuming it’s Eui-joo, but Ja-sung pushes past her and asks her despairingly how her feelings for him could change so quickly — how could she dump him before they’d even had their first date?! He apologizes for going too far and hurting her, and begs for another chance to prove he can treat her well.

Dismayed, Young-won cuts Ja-sung off mid-flow to tell him that she left because she was embarrassed about the text she sent, not because her feelings have changed. She knew he’d think she was pathetic and couldn’t bear to face him when she was so lacking in comparison.

Relieved, Ja-sung is about to console Young-won when Eui-joo rings the doorbell, and Young-won quickly shoves him in the closet before letting Eui-joo in. Young-won desperately suggests they go out to a cart bar, but Eui-joo is seriously over-dressed and insists that they stay in and drink instead. Ja-sung curses inside the closet as she cracks a beer.

Eui-joo admits to Young-won that she cancelled their plans because she got a last-minute invitation from Ja-sung to a secret VVIP party which he swore her to secrecy about. When she got there though the building was completely empty — the party was the day before.

Eui-joo curses Ja-sung out, convinced he gave her the wrong date on purpose, as Young-won, knowing that Ja-sung is listening to Eui-joo badmouth him, tries fruitlessly to convince her it was probably an honest mistake. Eui-joo gets a text from Ja-sung himself apologizing for getting the date wrong but isn’t placated, and tells Young-won that she hopes Ja-sung gets stuck somewhere and can’t get out as payback.

Eui-joo heads to the bathroom, and Young-won seizes the opportunity to extract Ja-sung from the closet and get him out of the apartment. Before he leaves, Ja-sung kisses Young-won on the forehead and tells her that she doesn’t lack anything at all — she’s the first woman who’s ever made him this happy.

When Sang-soon gets to work the next morning, Editor Choi immediately demands he return the wedding coupons he gave him. Eui-joo questions his sudden attitude change and Editor Choi angrily explains that his wife is going to divorce him and his family will be destroyed all because Sang-soon wouldn’t do him one little favor.

Eui-joo tells Editor Choi privately that Sang-soon might have a good reason for saying no, and warns him to stop taking his anger out on Sang-soon now because he might regret it later. Editor Choi insists that Sang-soon’s problems can’t possibly be more serious than his, and vows to make him regret this for the rest of his life.

Young-won delivers the draft of her second home article to Ja-sung for review and he’s unhappy that she can’t stay and spend time with him since they’re at work. He has a brainwave and declares that the article needs more substance so he and Young-won should go on another research trip.

Ja-sung tells Editor Choi to mind his own business when he makes a snide remark to Young-won about her shoddy work, winding him up even further, and he takes it out on Sang-soon again. Sang-soon hasn’t finished a presentation that’s due that day, but Editor Choi refuses to grant him an extension because Sang-soon refused to grant him a favor.

Ja-sung and Young-won visit a temple on the coast, and as they walk around Ja-sung remarks that they’re the perfect couple since they both enjoy long walks so much. As they admire the view, Young-won tells Ja-sung that the temple has actually been restored after suffering massive damage due to a fire, which reminds her of the saying: “United minds make flowers bloom even in ruins.”

As Young-won steps out of her shoes to enter the temple, Ja-sung notices her heel is bleeding and offers to go and get ointment, but she insists she didn’t even notice. Shortly afterwards Ja-sung notices that Young-won’s limping slightly, although she’s trying to hide it, and kneels down, telling her that he won’t move until she gets on his back.

As Ja-sung carries Young-won through the temple grounds people turn to look at them, and Young-won hides her face in his shoulder, shy but delighted. She asks Ja-sung if he’s embarrassed and he grins and tells her that since they have to hide their relationship at work, he’s proud to be able to flaunt it here.

Sang-soon is giving a presentation on his next article about Korean mountain resorts, and tells Chan that he’ll see what he can do to get him a discount. Editor Choi is highly offended that Sang-soon will do a favor for Chan but not for him, but Eui-joo hushes him.

Sang-soon’s laptop is plugged into the projector, and as he continues his presentation a message from his girlfriend pops up on the screen behind him, telling him that she wants to break up. Sang-soon mistakes his audiences’ shocked expressions for awe at the beautiful mountain views, and keeps talking obliviously as more messages from his girlfriend flash up on-screen explaining that she wanted to break up in person but was unable to because Sang-soon’s been avoiding her since he saw her with another man.

Editor Choi desperately warns Sang-soon not to turn around but of course he does, just in time to see his girlfriend’s last message hoping he has a good life without her. Sang-soon rips the cable from his laptop and rushes from the room.

Editor Choi finds Sang-soon hiding in the archive and apologizes for the way he’s been behaving. He starts telling Sang-soon that his girlfriend just wasn’t the right person for him, but Sang-soon cuts him off and insists that this is just a hiccup and she’ll change her mind. He and his girlfriend dated for 3 years and planned to start a family and spend the rest of their lives together, and he refuses to let their relationship end like this.

Mi-ra heads to Gyeom’s studio to give him chocolates as a thank you gift for lending her his camping equipment, but unfortunately he doesn’t like chocolate so tells her he’ll only accept her gratitude, to her disappointment. Chan arrives as Mi-ra’s leaving and she offers the chocolates to him instead, making him wonder if she likes him.

Ja-sung and Young-won eat dinner at a famous local shrimp restaurant which he wants her to mention in her article, but Young-won picks at her food and when Ja-sung tries to hand-feed her a shrimp is forced to admit that they make her ill. He’s upset she didn’t mention it when he picked the restaurant but she says that she didn’t want to make a fuss since they were doing research.

Ja-sung sheepishly admits that he didn’t really bring her back to the coast because he felt there wasn’t enough content in her article, but because they fell out the last time they were there and Young-won didn’t get to enjoy the experience. He just wanted to make her happy but he screwed up, and now she has a bloody heel and is surrounded by food she can’t eat.

Young-won insists she has enjoyed their day together but Ja-sung wants to make up for his mistake by taking her to another restaurant with food she’ll like. He plans to head back late after they’ve had a chance to admire the sea at night, but Young-won regretfully tells him that she’d actually like to get back to Seoul as soon as possible because she has an advertorial due tomorrow. She’d planned to do it that day but came on this trip with Ja-sung instead, so now she’s going to have to pull an all-nighter to get it finished in time.

Editor Choi and Eui-joo go to the print shop after work to supervise the magazine printing, and Editor Choi is full of guilt for the way he treated Sang-soon. Eui-joo is also avoiding her partner’s calls but for the opposite reason to Sang-soon: her boyfriend has proposed. Editor Choi begins to congratulate her on her engagement but Eui-joo says she’s breaking up with him because she’s not the marrying type and doesn’t want to string him along.

Eui-joo gets a text from her landlord telling her that her rent’s due and she steps out to contact her benefactor, annoyed that he hasn’t paid it yet. She sees that he’s set his status to ‘away and not accepting calls’ as he’s on a family trip, and looks unhappily at his profile picture, a family photo of himself with his wife and daughter.

Sang-soon sobs as he drinks alone, having broken up with his girlfriend earlier that evening (cameo by Kim So-eun). He told her that he was willing to overlook her cheating and wanted to stay together, insisting that he could make her happier than anyone else, but she’d refused.

She’d told him that when you live in a small space you feel content, and it’s not until you move to a bigger place that you understand how uncomfortable you were. Now that she’s met someone new, she can see that she was never really happy with Sang-soon.

Ja-sung and Young-won drive back to Seoul, and she asks him to drop her off before they get back to the office so no one sees them together. He’s about to apologize again but Young-won stops him, insisting that she’s fine, and Ja-sung admits that he’s never dated before because he was so focused on making money. He’s regretting that now because he doesn’t know how to act and Young-won keeps suffering the consequences of his missteps.

Young-won tries to reassure him that she enjoyed their trip, but Ja-sung is convinced that he’s the one who’s lacking in their relationship. He tells Young-won that he’s a dragon who rose from the gutter and he can accomplish anything he sets his mind to, so he’s going to keep trying to make her happy no matter what.

Young-won interrupts Ja-sung with a kiss on the cheek and he stares at her stunned as she tells him that he’s the first person to make her happy all day long. She gets out of the car and waves at him as she walks off, and Ja-sung waves back with a dazed smile on his face, one hand resting on the cheek she kissed.

Ja-sung texts Young-won while she’s working to inform her that he’s bringing snacks since she didn’t eat earlier, and she notices that he’s changed his profile picture to the temple they visited that day.

As Sang-soon drunkenly scrolls through photos of himself and his now ex-girlfriend that he can’t bring himself to delete, Eui-joo checks the magazine proofs at the print shop, and Mi-ra sits at the convenience store smiling at Chan’s Youtube videos of himself and Gyeom camping, Young-won’s voiceover tells us that even though your life may be in ruins right now, there will be a day when the flowers will bloom and you’ll be able to smile again.

As Young-won looks at the photos she and Ja-sung took together earlier that day, she says that people can suffer through all sorts of ordeals and come out the other side still standing firm just like that temple, although she admits that it would be preferable not to have experience those ordeals in the first place.

Gyeom and Chan are just disappearing into the office when Ja-sung arrives with a bag of food for Young-won. Noticing Gyeom left his trunk open, Ja-sung goes to close it and sees the designer bag Young-won returned to her mystery admirer sitting in the car.


Lying was the name of the game this episode. Ja-sung had good intentions and only wanted to spend time with Young-won, but those little white lies really add up — at what point does it become manipulative? And Young-won did her share of lying too in an attempt to spare Ja-sung’s feelings, but suffered for it and ended up hurting him anyway. Hopefully they’ve both learned their lessons and will be more open with each other in future.

I was expecting there to be more conflict between Ja-sung and Young-won over his attitude towards tenants and people living in poverty. When they first met, Young-won was in a very precarious financial position and Ja-sung basically tricked her into leaving her apartment so his men could evict her. While they were working together, he came to understand that they came from similar backgrounds and she was trying as hard as she could to raise herself out of poverty, and decided to give her a foothold by letting her rent a good apartment from him without a security deposit. In this episode Young-won overheard Ja-sung speaking derisively about someone with no savings and ordering them evicted from their apartment, and obviously there may be more nuance to the situation than we’re aware of, but it doesn’t seem as though his experience with Young-won made him reassess his views at all. Ja-sung had to claw his way up and he still thinks other people just aren’t trying hard enough to do the same. I don’t think he believes that of Young-won, but she seems to be an exception — he didn’t even seem to consider that his girlfriend was one of those thirty-year-olds without savings that he was so disdainful of.

So far Young-won hasn’t challenged Ja-sung’s views at all. I was expecting her to be more sympathetic towards the person getting evicted, given how recently she was in their situation, and encourage Ja-sung to give them a second chance but that didn’t even seem to cross her mind. Young-won didn’t seem to think that Ja-sung was wrong to have such a poor view of people who didn’t have savings, she was just worried he’d feel the same contempt for her. She’s completely bought into his pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps mentality, and I really hope she gets a wake-up call soon.

The love lines are getting even more complex, because it looks as though Mi-ra now has a crush on Gyeom, but Chan seems to think she likes him — there’re a lot of unrequited feelings at this office! Meanwhile, Ja-sung has seen the bag in Gyeom’s car and has presumably deduced that he’s Young-won’s secret admirer — I’m hoping desperately that we’re not going to get a bout of noble idiocy from him next episode! Ja-sung always goes for what he wants so I’m not sure I’d find it believable if he just stepped aside for Gyeom, particularly as Young-won hasn’t shown the slightest bit of interest in him so far. As for Gyeom, he’s been in a holding pattern for quite a while now and I think it’s time for him to either step up or back down because I’m getting bored of his dithering.

I’m not sure what to think of Eui-joo, who seems to live a shallow and messy life for the most part. I’m not sure what’s going on with her personal life, or whether her benefactor is just a sugar daddy or they have a more personal connection, and I think things are inevitably going to get worse for her before they get better, but I do appreciate how loyal she is to Young-won. She’s never been anything other than a supportive friend, and I was honestly expecting to learn that the torn dress actually was designer and Eui-joo just told Young-won it was a knock-off so she wouldn’t feel guilty and try to pay her back. Editor Choi on the other hand is incredibly fickle and two-faced, and I can’t bring myself to like him. A difficult home life doesn’t excuse his petty, vindictive behavior. Even if he didn’t understand Sang-soon’s situation and was unhappy he’d refused to do him a favor, that’s no way to treat someone; Sang-soon forgave him way too easily.

I assumed that Ja-sung was the kind of person who didn’t like to admit when he was wrong, but either I’ve misjudged him or he cares more about Young-won than his pride because he sincerely apologized completely unprompted when he thought he’d hurt her feelings while acting coldly to throw the others off. He also has a tendency to believe he knows best which can sometimes be a little patronizing, so it was a nice surprise to see him admit that he has a lot to learn after realizing that his actions on their trip were unintentionally hurting Young-won. I really liked the way he acknowledged that he was lacking, but chose to vow to improve rather than just give up.

I know some commenters don’t buy the sexual chemistry between our leads, but I honestly think they’re very cute together! Say what you will about their respective flaws, they genuinely seem to like each other and it was adorable watching them conspire together and congratulate themselves on pulling the wool over their colleagues’ eyes after that lunch. Although this episode was peppered with little white lies, when it mattered most they were both honest with each other about their insecurities, and it was a pleasure to see the genuine affection with which they reassured each other — I really liked the symmetry of those forehead and cheek kisses! Ja-sung and Young-won aren’t perfect together, but they’re both willing to put the work in to make each other happy.


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I think Kim Ji Suk and Jung Somin have a pretty good chemistry, very cute and genuine. They look pretty comfortable together.
Thank you for the recap. This is the writer of drinking solo and a poem a day. The humour is always on point. The 2nd lead is always annoying. Hopefully there's no noble idiocy like JinSang in Drinking solo.


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Agree. Kim Ji Suk and Jung So Min seems perfectly at ease with each other’s company. Lowkey shipping them lol


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I didn't know this was the same writer! I liked both Drinking Solo and A Poem A Day, so it makes sense I am liking MMH. The shows dispense a nugget of wisdom in each episode, and feature awkward or prickly characters with a lot of heart, like the Noryangjin idiots in DS! 😂


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If I could slap sense through a screen, Editor Choice would get one from me. I'd call his behaviour this episode a very high level of selfish. Did he have to know the whole situation before he understood SangSoons refusal? The guys facial expression would tell you all is not well, EuiJoo discerned that already when he wasn't picking his call despite winning a subscription. The man just lacks discernment and thinks he is a worse case victim scenario. At this point, sympathy to his plight is oozing out quickly.

He making exceptions for Young Won doesn't necessarily imply he should make the same for everyone (He'd go down), maybe feel empathy but not exceptions.


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Abalone scene reminded me of the gimbap scene in A Poem A Day where Jang Dong Yoon got the biggest gimbap which was like the size of an arm as per Shin Jae Ha🤣


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This episode should've been titled "The Newfound Facial Expressions of Yoo Ja-sung". KJS is killing it with all his silly grins and puppy-love eyes, especially in scenes where he switches between being a jerk-face and wooer in split seconds. Thanks for the good laughs this episode, Ja-sung!

I was a bit surprised at how amenable Ja-sung was & his willingness to put Young-won first in every situation during the start of the relationship, but then this really does cement the idea of how Ja-sung truly is a person who goes after something with 110% gusto once he's set his mind on something. Ja-sung's earnestness and his plans/digging himself into holes/lies really made for a cute episode.

For those who say there's no chemistry between Ja-sung & Young-won...I don't think we're watching the same show...

Oh, Editor Choi....his pettiness was used as a story arc for Sang-soon to confront his gf issues, but geesh, the writer did a poor job with that & made his character way too grating for viewers. If it wasn't my love for Kim Won-hae, I would've FF through all his scenes this episode.


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It never would have occurred to me to think that JaSung was being manipulative!


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Kim Ji-seok and Jung So-min have already worked together back in 2013 in KBS drama special. Just found out 😄
Why people in this drama acting like a kid?? Iz this how grown up people behave? 😏
But I love Kim Ji-seok, I do.


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Thanks for your recap, @branwen! Show delivered more cringe than swoon this week—but I loved the swoony bits. Their moments of shared vulnerability and sincere mutual affirmations were very tender. (That forehead kiss followed by his "You're not lacking" speech was daebak—as was her moment in the car.)

I'm starting to think of Monthly Home Magazine as a screwball comedy. The romance has to share space with cruel pettiness, farcical comedy, and economics lessons! The show makes me laugh a lot but, half the the time, I'm watching through my fingers with second-hand embarrassment.

It's telling that Ja-sung brings out Young-won's assertiveness. Compare that to how she gets steamrolled by the aggressive kindness epitomized by Gyeom and Eui-joo. I like them but they're exhausting.

I'm really loving Ja-sung's clothes here and I appreciate the effort actor Kim Ji-suk puts into staying fit. In addition to the usual kdrama CEO 3-piece suit (plum and dark blue tones really suit him), he's got a marvelous selection of sweaters and active wear. Loved his dark, denim shirt w/tie, which is one of my favorite looks.


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“Screwball comedy” is an apt way to label this show! If I had to describe this drama to someone, I’d say it was an adult-version of “Eulacha Waikiki” with the zaniness toned down and less of a comedic-sketch feel to everything and more drawn out story arcs.

I’d say the results are a bit of a mixed bag with this kind of set up; if anything, I wished they picked to either focus on being completely a wacky/screwball comedy or a more heartwarming, realistic approach because this hybrid that’s going on now isn’t hitting it on all fronts like it should, for which I blame the writer on since her past works show she’s capable of eliciting grounded, sincere feelings from her characters.

So basically, tone down the screaming and pettiness, and show us more of the characters in their home environments being their natural funny selves…


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