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Revenge of Others just hits you over the head with a steel chair scene to scene to scene. Sick mom *whack* brain tumor *whack* violence *whack*. It’s not subtle storytelling, but I sure am having fun.



This was the first year since I started watching Asian dramas that I actually watched more non-K-dramas than K-dramas. Some of this is due to my love of epic historical/period dramas, something that China has gotten much better at, while Korea has increasingly moved away from long sageuks. Some of it is probably just due to what caught my eye this year. Anyway, here’s my watch list so far for the year:

2022 K-Dramas
The Red Sleeve (if it counts as this year)
My Liberation Notes
Semantic Error
A Business Proposal
Gaus Electronics

Older K-Dramas
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Non-Korean Shows
Battle of Changsha
Kieta Hatsukoi
Sword Snow Stride
Bad Buddy
Shanai Marriage Honey
Story of Ming Lan
A Dream of Splendor
Love Like the Galaxy
Love Between Fairy and Devil


Day 1: FL you will never forget
Park Eun-bin
Extraordinary Attorney Woo


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Reborn Rich: Episodes 1-3

Reborn Rich: Episodes 1-3

by mistyisles


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[Beanie Recs] Dramas for bibliophiles

[Beanie Recs] Dramas for bibliophiles

by DB Staff

I totally agree with both your picks! Rookie Historian is one of my favorite (my only favorite? sageuks, but don't want to say that too loud on Dramabeans or if I ever was in Korea talking kdramas (Don't think that's going to happen, sadly.) Beloved Summer has the ML totally unexpectedly reading Nietzsche. Interesting choice that I've thought some about since. Plus the proposal comes in a library. Why didn't they show it--why only audio?!? That somewhat spoiled it for me, which isn't too bookish of me, I know!


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Reborn Rich: Episodes 1-3

Reborn Rich: Episodes 1-3

by mistyisles

Good call on the Succession similarity! This could also have been a solid two-season show, considering how many memorable character actors are here! I thought it was 20 episodes before learning it's 16 episodes.

The child actor was incredible. He showed Do-jun's intelligence and capability at such a young age. However, I do feel like once they got to college/present-day Do-jun, they made his intelligence come to him more easily, IMO. Since he knows all the major companies that will blow up since he's from the future. I know the webtoon's version, the ML there, was more intelligent (but some say that might have been a tad un-realistic here), but I say why not?


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