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Day 11 A book I hated
Breaking Dawn. Can I just say, I was OBSESSED with Twilight. I read (and wrote) fanfiction. I went to release parties. I went to a million different Twilighy bookclubs and talked passionately about Edward and Bella and Jacob. For some reason the SUPER abusiveness of the relationship never came up until well after I dropped the series. But, yeah. I was obsessed. I remember before Breaking Dawn came out Stephenie Meyer gave an interview at her biggest fan run fansite (she hung out there often, giving sneak peaks, answering questions). In the interview she wrote that she wrote a parody of Breaking Dawn called Breaking Down that she sent to her editor for a laugh. I was convinced, CONVINCED that somehow Breaking Down was published instead of Breakinflg Dawn. It was just so…bad. It was so bad that the blinders that I had fell off and I fully saw all of the problematic aspects of that series for the first time. Also! At that website there were 6 (I think) series of letters/ question and answers between Stephenie Meyer and the fans. The person who ran that fan site eventually was hired to work on the first movie she knew so much about the series. One of the questions was could Bella and Edward ever have a baby. Stephenie said “No. Edwards…stuff…is frozen. Like the rest of him.” The day afyer Breaking Dawn was published the fansite was taken down, every letter a d question that Stephenie ever wrote was taken down and she kept insisting that she had always planned on Renesmee. No. No you did NOT. Stephenie MEYER!!
Day 12 A Abook that I love and Hate at the same time
Kindred by Octavia Butler.
Ive always knowm about slavery. I dont know why Ive always known but I have. I don’t remember learning about it for the first time its just always been a part of my memory (maybe because my granny used to have a portrait of the plantation owner? I dont know). But its a conversation that I remember having with my cousins, “If ida been a slave I would have done THIS.” “i would have run away!” “i would have escaped!” “They wouldnt have treated ME like that!”
In Kindred a modern day black woman is sucked back into slavery times. And all of the boastful comments that me and my cousins made in our youth? This young black woman said the same. But heres the thing. Slavery doesnt care how tough, or strong, lr smart you are. Very few people made it out. And theres a reason. Those slaves werent dumb or lazy or weak, after all.
I love it because its freaking good. I hate it because it hurts.


this is my background music at work. do i have mental issues? 🙂


guys, i think i’m in love ……


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It sad that you say discussing these topics would have made db messy and toxic- it wouldn't have made it either.
That's the language someone who doesn't care about other people's problems would use.


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@knewbie woah such wisdom. Unlike few others i don't believe in Majoritarianism. They have every right to exercise it as much to their heart's content. You intentionally exclude the fact that i'm part of that viewership too. Ofcourse, whatever not fits bigots narrative they ignore it completely.
And you have persisted making claims that inflate your already inflated ego. If you are so right and enlightened being then what problem you have googling. I don't spoonfeed and i can't do that to such an esteemed superior being.
If someone is delusion enough to cook up stories and making false claim then i'll call them out without any fear. Hope you will also stop cooking up foolish fiction around religion to have an excuse to make few more stupid assumptions.
Exactly i completely ignore trolls and bigots and thank you for watching my comment history because answer is right there. Hope this will not test your comprehension skills again.


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You know what always makes me chuckle in Korean dramas? When you have a high-powered meeting in a foreign country (France is high on the list!) and Our Hero strides in, the supercool, super rich CEO, and EVERYONE is speaking French, and our Hero opens his mouth and prattles off something important in Korean and...get this...everyone is nodding and taking notes and clapping and exchanging approving looks, and wow, they're not Korean, but, heck, they're so good they don't need a translator...and then, they open their mouths, one by one, and start a discussion in French!!!! With Our Hero! And he starts nodding and going uh-huh, uh-huh, and he rattles off something in Korean again! And they go back and forth and back and forth having this utterly BIZARRE conversation in two different languages and I'm scratching my head and laughing my head off.


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