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*pinches self*
I’m dreaming, right. That is Kwak Dong Yeon in an actual lead role, right. Finally? :O


Radiant: I really liked the concept behind this under rated drama it had everything I like; romance, comedy, time travel and friendships, told from a unique perspective.


Tae wants to be an absolute ruler. This doesn’t inspire confidence in me that he’ll be any better than vicious nobles so the’re arguably just as bad as each other. Pox on all of their houses.


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Tomorrow: Episodes 13-14

Tomorrow: Episodes 13-14

by missvictrix

I'm also expecting THAT twist in regards of Jungwoong from the conversation he had with The Jade Emperor,what she said and how she said it made it clear there is more to him...It almost felt personal for a moment the way she asked him "What is Ryeon to you, exactly?" (For a moment i even believed he might be her son reincarnated as a human long time ago LOL or along the lines)
I think their happy ending might be for them to finally let go of that regret and continue in their new lives as Reapers and even maybe be something more as they are now..Don't see them wanting to reincarnate(if they are even allowed?)
I doubt the Jade Emperor will bend the rules for them,she was fairl till now and doubt she will make exceptions for them alone...


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What a great list of future recommendations!

My list (why only 10?) Theses are the ones (in no particular order) I return to for comfort...

1. Healer
2. One Spring Night
3. A Business Proposal
4. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Ju
5. Vincenzo
6. Coffee Prince
7. Crash Landing on You
8. Touch your Heart
9. You from Another Star
10. Our Beloved Summer

Honourable mentions: Encounter/Boyfriend, Hotel Del Luna, Descendants of the Sun, My Roommate is a Gumiho, It's OK not to be OK, Suspicious Lawyer


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After 10 long episodes, Hee-Woo finally realises that the changes he makes to the "future" have consequences. Sigh

Haven't they made Cho Tae-sub unrealistically all too powerful? I know it's fiction but come on.

I found Chairman Kim's death sad. Did he really think threatening Tae-sub will work that easily? He has known the dude for 10+ years.

Sang-man is such a sweet heart πŸ˜πŸ˜†. They better leave him unharmed


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