#TheRomanceOfTigerAndRose Episode 22. The role reversal.

Thank you Qianqian for creating a world where women ruled the ancient world
A world where women would go to brothels and enjoy the male courtesans however they liked
A world where women would lead an army
A world where women would have husbands and multiple concubines
A world where women were the head of the family
A world where women did not need to cover up their faces
A world where women were educated
A world where women would lash out on men when they were furious or when men were disappointing.
A world where first born daughters were rejoiced and celebrated
Thank you for creating a story that showed us the inequality and mistreatment women went through in the ancient times.

Episode 22 was great not only because it was full of OTP cute scenes, but it showed a huge stark difference between Qianqian and Han Shuo’s world. Seeing Han Shuo’s world set as a reminder of how it was like for women in ancient times. I was enjoying the role reversal in this drama that I felt sick when I was reminded that this was not how it was like back in the days.

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