No #SomedayOrOneDay episode this week 😭, so I checked out another Greg Hsu drama…… and @kimbapnoona what is this drama you have first seen him in! 😂😂 Greg and his manliner in a wacko, bizarre drama is pure fun! #LoveOfSandstorm

^His first encounter with female lead! LOL.

^Greggie smiling gets my heart 💘💘

^That fateful night with the female lead was so stressful to him he had to touch up his make up. LMAO. I cracked up so much when he complained that he had a complete breakdown thinking about his bare face exposed to her. 😂😂 Oh Greg, your characters are so much fun to watch! I wish you had more screentime in this drama

^so terrified of her. But the manliner is soo on point!


    I am glad to see that you are enjoying Greggie this super wacky drama, Fam!

    I love how attached he is to his BB cream 😆All that little boy insecurity wrapped under a bad boy’s demeanor! Isn’t it awesome that their relationship dynamic definitely has swapped your typical gender expectation?

    And besides all the cuteness, I do appreciate that Sandstorm tries to deal with the consequences of their action that is not typically seen in Dramaland.


      I’m on episode 3 now but it is sooo much fun! I definitely enjoyed the gender reversal of this show. It all started with female lead catching his fall (instead of the other way around) and now by episode 3 he complains about not having make up on gives him so much stress and insecurity!!! Such a fun character to watch. He also said something like “okay we’re gonna be strangers from here on, whoever talks first is the loser!” 😅😅 I so have the feeling he will be the loser lol.

      This drama had me taken a back when I saw episode 1. I wasn’t so used to watching asian dramas that think and discuss about sex like this drama did. Most of the time it was so innocent and unheard of!!! So the sexual references on here made me like – whoa whoa whoa stop right there, what are you guys talking about 😂 but this is reality, adults and kids do think and talk about sex. So there was that touch of reality that I haven’t seen in a while in Asian dramas……..