Meet Yourself
Thanks to beanies’ recs. A very relaxing slice of life drama. Many LoL moments and every time the Horse love song or the Validate OST came on I giggled a bit. No thriller or murder elements. A shower scene with body wash PPL that fits into the story. A bit slow with some of the secondary characters but nothing to complain about, it fits into the vibe. Li Xian nailed his role to a T with his dorky smile. Highly recommend.


    That smile literally lights up his face every time he is in her presence.


      And he is smiling 90% of time XD

      I’m watching it too. I’m in episode 21 (of 40).


        It is such a joy to watch. I am eagerly awaiting the next drama from this crew. I can’t remember if it’s the writer and some other position I think it’s the PD that work well together but so far I have enjoyed two of their shows Meet yourself and Go Ahead. The third one Find yourself had two male characters with terrible characteristics which was a real shame because the reason I liked the other two drama was specifically because of the positive male characters.


    This show was perfect! And it continues to remain good until the last episode.
    I only found Niu’s arc (the guitar guy) a bit slow. But others were quite good for me. I loved the girls friendship. It felt like I went on a long vacation.
    Li Xian!! He is adorkable!