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@isa unfortunately hereby best I can find. Also, he is apparently a turtle


    Ok, after looking at its shell and its legs and its toes it looks like either a Russian Tortoise or an African Spur Thigh. The internet is like super stingy with its tortoise identification. Like. Chill out internet. Its ok to share.

    African Spur Thing description
    Description: They are the largest African Tortoise. Broad, flat carapace. They have thick skin to hold water. Growth rings are obvious. Adult males have reverted marginal scales in the front. They have spurs (like claws) on the legs. Males are a little bigger as adults. Females have a slightly flatter carapace and males have slightly concave plastrons.

    Russian Description
    The Russian tortoise is a small tortoise species, with a size range of 13–25 cm (5–10 in). Females grow slightly larger (15–25 cm [6–10 in]) to accommodate more eggs. Males average 13–20 cm (5–8 in).

    They are herbivores and feed on weeds and wild flowers.

    Russian tortoises are sexually dimorphic. Males tend to have longer tails generally tucked to the side, and longer claws; females have a short, fat tail, with shorter claws than the males. The male has a slit-shaped vent (cloaca) near the tip of its tail; the female has an asterisk-shaped vent (cloaca). Russian tortoises have four toes. Coloration varies, but the shell is usually a ruddy brown or black, fading to yellow between the scutes, and the body is straw-yellow and brown depending on the subspecies.

    The male Russian tortoise courts a female through head bobbing, circling, and biting her forelegs. When she submits, he mounts her from behind, making high-pitched squeaking noises during mating.[6]

    In captivity[edit]