I wish this video showed the whole confession but but this is a translation of a comment from this video that was interesting because it was written in JoonYoung’s perspective. As a man of few words, I could totally see this being his thought process throughout the confession scene, and I needed to share it with you all ❤️❤️❤️

송아가 등돌리고 짐싸서 가려니까 고백 “좋아해요”
Songah turned her back and packs her stuff to leave so I confessed “I like you” (formal)
송아가 놀라 쳐다보니 고백날 처럼 길막하고 아컨하고 다시한번 말해줄게 “좋아한다구요”
Astonished, Songah looks at me so I block her way, I’ll say it again “I said like you” (formal)
송아는 주춤주춤물러서지만 이건 너에게 전하는 내 마음이야 “좋아해” (informal)
Songah slowly backs away but this is me sending my real feelings to you “I like you”
송아의 그렁그렁한 눈을 보며 송아정신차리길 기다린 후에 내 마음 다 털었어. “좋아해요”
Looking at Songah’s eyes brimming with tears, I wait for her to calm down, then I pour out my heart to her “I like you” (formal)

송아 두번고백을 네번으로 갚은 박준영
Repaying Songah’s two confessions with four