List of dramas from favorite to least favorite with the first 4 dramas in a 4-way tie. Ordering this was harder than I thought but the one for sure was last place… I finished it for you Lee Jaewook….

1. Nobody Knows
2. Hospital Playlist
3. Forest of Secrets 2
4. My Unfamiliar Family
5. Into the Ring
6. Stove League
7. Black Dog
8. Diary of a Prosecutor
9. I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Nice
10. Mystic Popup Bar
11. 365: Repeat the Year
12. World of the Married
13. Kingdom 2
14. Extracurricular
15. Hyena
16. Romantic Doctor Kim Sabu 2
17. Do You Like Brahms
18. Psychopath Diary
19. Team Bulldog
20. Train
21. Chocolate
22. Itaewon Class
23. Oh My Baby
24. Dinner Mate
25. Find Me in Your Memory
26. Crash Landing on You
27. Record of Youth
28. Dodosolsollalasol

Dramas I want to start but haven’t
1. Birthcare Center
2. Kairos
3. 18 Again

Upcoming Watchlist
1. Cheat on Me if you Can
2. Awaken
3. Mr Queen
4. Hush

1. Hi Bye Mama (ep 9)
2. It’s Ok to Not Be Okay (ep 9)
3. Rugal (ep 4)
4. Private Lives (ep 2)

Currently Watching
1. Missing
2. The Uncanny Encounter


    Congratulations. We have 15 of your 28 dramas in common and I can’t argue with 1, 2 and 3. I have not seen MY UNFAMILIAR FAMILY.
    I did watch and enjoy MISSING and it has moved up among my favorites of 2021. I haven’t put my list together yet. I am really enjoying KAIROS. The writing and acting have been superb.
    I just started THE UNCANNY COUNTER and love what I have seen so far. TUC has one degree of separation from MYSTIC POP UP BAR (Yeom Hye-ran) (another favorite) and will probably be my last bean that is if it qualifies to be considered a 2020 drama with 10 of its 16 episodes airing in 2020.


      Lol. I meant to put in a little defense for Lee Jae-wook. Please don’t hold LJW personally responsible for DO DO’s spectacular crash landing of an ending.


        I don’t hold it against him at all. He really did try his best with what the script gave him. I trusted the writer because I adore Shopping King Louie… but she really failed a lot of beanies this year


    We finished that unnamed drama for him. LJW better choose a better one for his next project.


    I’m happy to report that my top 7 for the year are the same as yours, although I’d shuffle them around slightly! (FoS2 tops in mine). I didn’t watch too many more, though…