Day 21 – The Puppy of 2020

This year’s puppy for me is hands down Ahn JiHo as Go EunHo. The soft spoken, strong willed, loyal, and adorable character that was one of the few bright spots of Nobody Knows that was perhaps too perfect of a character. His other puppy friends were an added bonus! Yoon ChanYoung was my favorite child actor after Yeo JinGoo and Yoon JaeYoung is a new face that I’ll look out for. I would adopt them as my younger brothers any day!! Looking forward to seeing them grow into great actors!


    Hear hear re Ahn Ji Ho! Yoon ChanYoung was also excellent, and the way the overall relationship between the boys evolved was beautifully shown. Besides casting very talented youngsters, I think huge credit must go to the PD for extracting such fine performances from the kids, which is always such a difficult task.