Ghost Detective ep 8&9 – The moment I wished for a different OTP (the potential!!!) thoughts about this potential pairing in the comments.


    I really didn’t think about it until the EXACT moment of this screen cap. I mean, what if they had meshed YeoWool’s character and ChaeWon’s character??????? (except the character needs to be more like ChaeWon because she’s the stronger of the two characters imo) It would’ve been so amazing!!! And they have chemistry even when she doesn’t see him OR hear him???? So many should’ves could’ves would’ves 😭 They look so good together in the screencap 💔💔 We can argue that she doesn’t have enough time to do everything YeoWool is doing but COME ON, kdrama characters have all the time in the world and can neglect their job. Plus she already is neglecting her job! You should’ve given her the main lead. (Sorry, I promise I like this drama.. really)


      This drama has so many potential pairings. They all have a solid chemistry with each other.