Ghost Detective ep 8&9 – My favorite scene (idk how to make gifs yet.. someone teach me ). Spoilers and thoughts in the comments.


    (1) OK REALLY??? I’m glad he’s alive and all but… WHY??? What happened to “if you’re a semi-live spirit you disappear every day into your real body”???? That means he should’ve disappeared every time Red Lady disappeared!!!
    (2) You really had to break Detective Park’s heart like that huh?? Poor thing. Dear Writer, please let Chaewon and Detective Park end up together… I know imaginary otp Chaewon and DaIl won’t happen so give me this as consolation. Thank you.
    (3) YeoWool… I see you trying girl. But I can’t like you like I did in Ep 1. You were so GOOD then!! I miss old you. I appreciate the communication efforts but you just lost the spunk I saw in ep 1 😭
    (4) If you haven’t noticed.. I love Chaewon. Gah. How I wish we could change up things.
    (5) Something else is going on with the CEO guy and Lawyer Baek than just helping because they saved the CEO’s daughter. I hope it’s good. 🤞🏼🤞🏼
    (6) Ok… glad Nurse redeemed himself a bit but… really? The only person you could think of to take care of DaIl was Red Lady’s real mom???? What logic is that?? She’s definitely not right in the head so what made him think that was ok????
    (7) Really??? Kim Gyeol needs some supportive people around him. I mean I kind of understand him but I definitely don’t understand him more than I understand him. I thought he was going to part of the crew!!!
    (8) I promise I like this drama. It’s a lot more unexpected than most kdramas which I absolutely adore (one of my weird criterias in determining my favorite dramas). But I can’t help but see the potential it had!


      Re 1. I think because Da il hadn’t gained powers and was just a harmless spirit, he hadn’t become a fetch yet. From what I understood, they’re usually bad spirits right? So maybe they need to go back to their body for recharging or something?


    He and chief have an electric chemistry!!


    Yay but my snailpace brain is still processing the idea of DaIi’s alive!

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