Top Kpop songs of 2019
I actually checked out so many new artists and songs this year. I used to only be limited to Shinee and that’s it but my kpop list have GROWN a lot this year. This is a short list (In no particular order after the top 5) of my top favorites I have on repeat:
1) I Wanna Be (Key)
2) Levanter (Stray Kids)
3) Not Mine (Day6)
4) How can I love the heartbreak, you’re the one I love (AKMU)
5) UN Village (Baekhyun)
6) Side Effects (Stray Kids)
7) Gotta Go (Chungha)
8) You Calling My Name (Got7)
9) Regulus (Onewe)
10) Lit (ONEUS)
11) Sweet Chaos (Day6)
12) Miroh (Stray Kids)
13) The Story that Never Ends (Stray Kids)
14) Maze of Memories (Stray Kids)
15) Dumb Litty (Kard)
16) Fever (JYP)
17) Boom (NCT Dream)
18) Psycho (Red Velvet)
19) Double Knot (Stray Kids)
20) Time of our Life (Day6)
I’m not creative enough to write why I love them I just do! I cant wait for what 2020 brings me!
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    I am surprised! Fini is proud of all the Day6 I am sure.
    That AKMU song was a contender for me but I ended up liking Daehyun more for a ballad. I need to check out that Chungha song. I really loved “Chica.”


    From SHINee to Stray Kids? I really like their song for Extraordinary You. I didnt realize the rappers could sing so well. Also, until it disappeared from Spotify, I listened to 3RACHA’s Small Things after a Beanie posted it.
    Alot of love for Day 6 around here.


      haha YES. My tastes have definitely changed this year. but I cant say no to good music. I love 3racha so so so much.


    I LOVE all the Day6 picks! How could I not know about you listening to them?! Stray Kids has a crazy amount of music this year, but Astronaut was my favorite. Just cute, summery fun (despite its winter release bahah).


    4 ansd 15 are on repeat for me


    aaaaaaa day6 never enough love for day6

    im happy not mine is getting so much love its so good