I don’t understand this snowdrop controversy.
Koreans say drama glorified NSA. JTBC says the drama is about govt. colluding with North Korea. How is that glorification?

Koreans say you cannot have a real spy part of democratic movement which legitimizes the whole agenda of the govt. for arresting the youth of the time. JTBC says FL and ML are not part of the movement.

Bottomline, if the script is about govt. colluding with North Korea, isn’t that NOT a controversy then? Does it not support the actual movement that it was the govt. all along and not the kids?

I am confused

However, I would like to thank Jisoo whole heartedly because of her lack of acting skills I don’t even feel the need to watch the show.. So atleast doesn’t feel like I am missing something from a great content perspective


    I’ve been wondering the same too..
    Though for people to know all that, they would need to actually watch the show, which I’m assuming not many did based on the premise that it’s a terrible/offensive one…

    If anything, knetz can always say that they shouldn’t be romanticizing/dramatizing such traumatic and recent historical events (despite the fact that this drama is not the first to do that) and there aren’t many arguments against that, it’s understandable 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Personally I feel like, in this case, we can only really judge when the story is complete, or almost done…but I’m not sure the drama will be given the chance to reach that point 👀


    Honestly, Koreans are absolutely right on this one. Them using the music of the real movement when a spy is running off is already a huge middle finger to the people who lived through that. Besides, the NSA agents shouldn’t be painted in a sympathetic light.


    I just find Ifans so insensitive to this issue.
    You can’t and shouldn’t be telling the natives how to feel about something that happened to them. No matter how much you think you know or read online, it can’t be compared to the people this very thing happened to!


      Over reaction from you

      No one is telling anyone to do anything.. but that doesn’t mean you can’t even discuss or ask questions about what you don’t understand


        Omg, my comment stems from the comments I’ve read on twitter, Soompi and not in any way directed to you.

        And about asking questions about what you don’t understand, erm most people ain’t asking questions though? Just straight up telling Koreans to either suck it up and not take it this seriously because it is “FICTION”. Meaning, they’re overreacting and it’s just pure unjustified hatred for the drama.


    here, read this and understand the controversies.