In the spirit of this @silverp‘s post:
Sharing this which fits Eunho&Taewoon too! Its about drawing (obviously) memories so X/thrown drafts/wanting to give up dreams but continuing on…
Ring a bell?


    This @silverp‘s post about a song fitting School 2017 and Taewoon & Eunho for reference:


      Hahaha, is this a contest? If yes, then duh, I’m team myself: voting for Brand New Days fitting Tae Swoon and Eun Ho better XDDD Just kidding. I like this one too, haven’t heard it in a while…
      To be honest, I’m just happy you shared a BTOB song. Too many people sleep on them. Korea already have the hots for them for 1-2 years now, they’ve secured themselves as one of the top boy groups fandoms there, with the public favoring them to boot. Why are international fans still sleeping on them? :3 For once, international fans need to keep up with Korea asap, chop chop.


    Kind of a mix between Eunho and Taewoon’s personalities with this one, singing to cheer themselves up. @silverp‘s Brand New Days is like a message from Taewoon to EH, like a love song. Thumbs up to both <333


    Sowie, I’m voting for @silverp 😛 The lyrics for this song fit really well with School 2017, especially her, but it’s like when she’s emo. @silverp “Brand new days” is more cheerful + the sound fits the youthful vibe of School 2017, or an anime, so that makes me more happy. Anw, I hope people will make a TWxEH FMV asap of these songs 😀