SPOILERS for #TheUntamed Episodes 15 and 16:

Episode 15:
-Thanks in advance for the warning about when the plot thickens and stuff goes downhill.
-Is there a backstory between the Wen Clans “bodyguard” and Madame Yu in the novel? It feels like there’s something there.
-I know it was supposed to be sad scenes of parents sending their children away for their own good, but all I could think of was that the boat gliding away so slowly, so they probably would’ve gotten sore throats from all that yelling at the slowly receding figure(s).

Episode 16:
-Also, their parents sent them away for a reason. I guess it was for dramatic effect and for the audience that they went back to see what happened to everyone and their parents. But they could’ve spared themselves the heartache of what they saw.
-The timing of the thunderclaps when Wei WuXiang discovered Jiang Cheng was missing was perfect. The only thing I could think of was that similar scene in Mulan, when her family discovers her missing with her father’s armor.


    I’m also curious about the bodyguard. I think there is something between him and JC’s mom (hoping those who’d read the novel already would be able to give some input).
    Another thing is his expression. Every time it really shows that he doesn’t want to do what he keeps on being commanded to do.. and that these things are going against his conscience but I just don’t understand why he is still doing these things…