So.. my niece didn’t really like SNG before, she didn’t like that I left my parents’ home to go live with this new person who is “strange” and is “unnecessarily” tall. She would give him her best stink-eye whenever she saw him and once (or twice) she actually growled at him (he died at that and he thinks that’s the cutest thing someone that tiny can ever do!)

Recently, she’s been coming over a lot (for school purposes) and she finally started warming up to him. The other day they had a bonding moment (at my expence), I don’t know what exactly happened as I missed the start of it all but when I got there he’d made popcorn and they’re watching something on his phone.

Me: what are you two watching?
Him: how to make chocolate popcorn.
Her: it looks easy, next time make me chocolate popcorn!
Him: I will!
Her: you always give Azzo chocolate?
Him: I do.
Her: you never give me any!
Him: you don’t like me.
Her: Azzo likes you?
Him [laughs]: Yes. A lot, a lot!
Me: I never said a lot.. a lot!
Him [looks at me, says nothing]
Me: what? I never did!
Him [smiles]: why are you blushing?
Me: I’m not blushing!
Him: you are blushing! [Looks at her]: she’s blushing!
Her: she is very red! [Looks at me]: you are red like inside of a watermelon!
Him [laughs]
Her: She is like an apple!
Him [still laughing]
Her: She’s not like tomatoes, I don’t like tomatoes, tomatoes are too round! [Takes a moment to think]: You are too tall!
Him [dies laughing]

He kept laughing at everything she said and because of that she kept saying whatever that came to her mind. To conclude it all, I’m red like red socks and he’s tall like a sleeping girrafe (don’t ask me, I don’t get it either!).

Later I asked her if she liked him now and she said no. Then she told me maybe just a little bit and went: “Not a lot a lot like you!”

Love, February.


    Unnecessary tallness really is excessive, so I completely understand niece’s point. Or maybe I’m just jealous, but probably I’m just tired of having to look up.


      My niece thinks the only height acceptable is her dad’s and her dad is even shorter than me so I wouldn’t say SNG is excessively tall!


    I love your niece and more your husband’s interaction with her. He’s going to make a great dad…


      He’s never interacted with kids before, he says he doesn’t know how to do this. The youngest kid in his whole family (including extended family) is an 18 year old!

      Thank you, he will.. one day.. in the far, far future! ☺


    Oh please tell us how old she is! I love when little kids just riff 🤣


      She’s 5, turning 6 soon but she says she’s 10 and that to her means older than everyone in the family. “I’m bigger than Grandpa!” she says.


        Oh golly, how cute. Like when kids think 5 pennies is way more money than 1 quarter.