Day 9:

Disclaimer: you might think otherwise after reading this post, but I am most definitely not a 5 year old child. no.

I wanted you for the longest time.
Your soft fur,
Your floppy ears.
And those floppy feet.

But maybe mainly because Nayeon had one of your brothers,
And gave Jisoo another one of your siblings.

I wanted you for the longest time,
But you were far too expensive.
I had let rationality cloud my emotional needs.
Why would an (almost) grown ass adult need a plushy designed for babies?

But a month ago,
When I saw you and your siblings sitting in the corner of that empty shop,
I’m not sure if what I heard were your calls for me to bring you home
Or the cries of my heart having wanted you.
I walked straight towards you and didn’t hesitate to gently grab you off the shelf.

Because screw rationality. Screw it all.
Because I am a grown ass adult who can do as she likes.
Because its 2020 and you’re gonna be one of the biggest reasons I love 2020.

And also a reason I’m gonna continue to