Week 46~

*realizes that I’m posting something I meant to post last week, but it’s still a day before when I *should* post*

I’m not late… I’m just fashionably on time.

That’s a thing.

Strut your stuff, leap and live, and even if you’re late, off-beat, or completely lost your place… you can still stick that landing, yeah? (I have proof. I attempt a chassΓ©, end up falling over, and still [it’s a work in progress] grin and pose at the end.)

Pretend you meant to do that. It’s just so much more fabulous that way. In the words of Donald O’Connor… β€œSlip on a banana peel, the world’s at your feet!”

😂 (Or, my way of saying : Thank you for trying and keeping on, even when it’s hard, seems unfruitful, or feels embarrassing. I really appreciate it.)

Have a fantastic week.

(Song in lieu of pics this week, because mine didn’t turn out very well… and the lyrics are so appropriate:)