To Sulli – Rest well, and peacefully. I’m so sorry for what you endured, and that the world wasn’t kinder to you. Thank you for how open you were with your struggles, and how firmly you stood for what you believed in.
Thank you.

And to all of you Beanies – Love. All of the love right now. Let’s spread it without abandon.

You are cherished and always deserve to be heard, so please – if you ever feel like you need any kind of help or support, I hope you can always feel like you can ask for it. Always.


    Dear beanie! Thank you for your kind words! It feels you have penned dow beautifully my thoughts that could not be converted to words. Thank you. I hope that Sulli rests peacefully.


    Bam – no truer words were written. One thing about depression is that when it’s so deep and dark, it’s almost impossible to find your way out and lift your arm. That deep deep dark place is hard to get away from by yourself.

    So if any of you beanies know someone who is struggling, reach out to them and just be there to listen or give a hug – you can help just be being there. Your presence helps them know that they aren’t so alone.


      Yes, yes yes to all of this.

      It’s so true and sad and awful but there are things we can do to help each other and be supportive and present and aware, so let’s go.