Something so powerful about Sang Tae initiating the hug. I feel so bad about Kang Tae constantly blaming himself. It’s not that I want him to blame Sang Tae (I would never blame the one with autism).


    I blame the script writer


    Sang-tae finally gets to be the older brother. He gets to comfort Gang-tae and give him forgiveness. These are things that Gang-tae always does for him so this reversal means so much for Sang-tae.


    I for one really appreciate seeing KT as a character. Being a caretaker is hard and it’s unfair for society to expect them to always be *ok* in caring for their mentally challenged family member. I understand his character in that it can be tiring and difficult. He always has to suppress his thoughts and feelings and has to be careful around ST. Hearing KT say how he finds his life miserable and how he thinks being with MY, who for him represents his respite and happiness, is a dream that he does not deserve is quite sad and depressing. I like that Joori also told him that it is also fine to consider your own happiness and to be *selfish* when looking after people.