Catching up again…
Day 21: first novel you remember reading
So in reality I would have read many before this but the first novel I have distinct memories of reading is Jane Eyre when I was about eight years old (probably an abridged version – I was an advanced reader but that seems VERY advanced).
22. A book that makes you cry – there are so many because I am a weeper; Anybody Out There by Marion Keyes is one that made me cry BUCKETS.
23. A book you wanted to read for a long time but still haven’t – The Classical World by Robin Lane Fox. This has been beside my bed for literally years. I have read some but keep fading out. It’s a huge doorstop of a book, but I will make it through one day!
24. A book you wish more people would have read – Bad Science by Ben Goldacre. This is a very fun, informative (critical) look at science and pseudoscience in the mainstream media (things like how a fabricated study led to anti-vax movements). Especially these days I think everyone could do with a bit more critical thinking around what they see online.