My final book post!This was a great challenge, thanks @isthatscorner. I really enjoyed seeing the books everyone had in common as well as the ones that were different.

25. Character you relate to the most – I’m skipping this because I can’t think of a good example.
26. A book that changed your opinion – this is kind of superficial, but I was pretty much of the opinion (after reading many) that the kind of books that win modern literature prizes are mostly arty waffles more concerned with sounding clever than being a good book. Then I read Life of Pi (which won the Booker Prize). It’s great. If you haven’t read it, you should.
27. The most surprising plot twist or ending. Ok so I legit hated this book because of this. Why pose the question if you’re just going to make it irrelevant? My Sister’s Keeper, by Jodi Picoult.
28. Favourite book title. I don’t know, I like many. Let’s go with A Hat Full Of Sky, by Terry Pratchett. I like this, it seems very full of possibilities (also, I like the book, which helps).
29. A book everyone hated but you liked. Like others, I’ll say Twilight. I’m not saying they’re high quality literature but they were never meant to be? They got a lot more hate than was really necessary. I enjoyed (most of them) while I was reading them and then forgot them afterwards.
30. My favourite book of all time: The Ordinary Princess by M M Kaye. It’s a sweet fairy story (the original edition that hasn’t been Americanised is superior) and I love it so much one of my children’s names comes from it❤️