These days I have undergone a change of attitude and has got sick and tired of dramas (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, no matter). At the beginning I’m enthusiastic about them because of the actors, trailers, story, but after a few episodes my enthusiasm is dampened, then disappointment and bore is coming, drama watching feels like a chore and in the end I drop the drama.

I think writers should take lessons in creative writing. In the last episodes of Clean With Passion For Now I saw everything I intensely dislike:
“wow, we already met when we were children; it’s destiny”
“Out of the blue, I break up with you without any proper explanation, saying cruel things (“You did nothing wrong. I just got sick of everything. I can’t even stand the sight of you.”) as a coward rather than telling the truth.”
“Your father/grandfather/sibling killed my mother/father/sibling so we can’t be together” And lot of crying while a sad ballad is being played in the background…
These overused cliches WERE IN YOUR FACE in the last 3 episodes. I HATED IT.

Maybe I was spoiled and enchanted by Chugakusei Nikki. Now I compare every drama with it. A good, passionate story with sincere characters communicating with each other told in 11 suspenseful episodes. I want to experience love despite being too much of a cynic like Meg. CWPFN has the same impact on me until E13.


    There is a wide variety of Asian dramas and yet I’m not interested in anything at all. I’m in a drama slump.

    One of the reasons for drama (and movie) slump is that I was beginning to find people annoying in the fictional world as well. I can’t stand those psychological mind games. I’m a quiet unassuming, unpretentious person with simple tastes. That’s my life as an anti-social.
    I will be watching animated Disney movies and animes for a while. I’m longing for simple and charming stories because deep inside I’m a 14-year-old girl trapped in an adult body.


    First things first: your use of gifs is *on point*.

    I’m sorry you’re in a slump, but I totally get the reasons you give. A lot of those things are so frustrating to me, too. But Disney is a wonderful alternative!! So fun!! Enjoy those masterpieces!!! <3 And when you find a drama that piques your interest again, let us know! Knowing what you object to, I'm super interested in what you might get into again <3 <3 <3