Help! My boring life has just turned into a makjang! There is a guy who wants to be with me (our romance is only in its initial phase as yet, but it’s looking quite promising), but his ex girlfriend who is dying reappeared and used his sensitivity to persuade him not to forsake her. I don’t know what to do. His friends are trying to reason with him saying he deserves happiness, not self-sabotage and I would be a good influence on him (he’s a real mess, and he is aware of this fact; however, I’m a bit screwed up, too). I’m not the type of person who is easily able to fall in love with anyone. All my life I had only one crush and this guy. In the dreary heart of me he’s like an oasis (this is a quotation from WARM AND COZY).


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    I would watch this drama.


    You can’t make the decision for him, but you can tell him that you want to continue seeing him, but only if he is clear with himself that this is the right choice for him.

    You should not tell him you will wait for him indefinitely (because you should not, that is not fair to you). You should not see him if he decides to be with his ex (because that is not fair to you or the ex).

    And whatever he and you decide to do, know that some day it will be better, it will be less makjang, and you will be be happy again whether it is together or not.

    I’m sorry this is happening to you, him, and to his ex. Life can be a bit crap sometimes.


    I’m on shaky ground here, but have you considered:

    1: Does “not to forsake” mean just visiting her in the hospital or running errands that she is too sick to do herself, or something more? Would it be ok for him to visit her and date you???

    2: How many other friends & relatives does she have around her?

    3: How long…. “dying” implies that patience will eventually solve the issue.

    4: Did he know she was dying when they broke up? Any chance that he dumped her because he knew and couldn’t cope? What would that say about him?

    Don’t answer, just consider.