Loved the first episode of DDSSLLS! Go Ara is good in this, and she’s a pretty good piano faker to boot. She had me bawling in the piano crying scene. The piece is an arrangement by Liszt of one of my favorite Schumann songs, Widmung, setting a Rückert poem. The translation:

You my soul, you my heart,
You my rapture, O you my pain,
You my world in which I live,
My heaven you, to which I aspire,
O you my grave, into which
My grief forever I’ve consigned!
You are repose, you are peace,
You are bestowed on me from heaven.
Your love for me gives me my worth,
Your eyes transfigure me in mine,
You raise me lovingly above myself,
My guardian angel, my better self!
(Translation by Richard Stokes)