DAY-4– Drama you couldn’t finish.

Eventhough there were 3 dramas that I dropped this year, I’m only gonna name one here, “MORE THAN FRIENDS”, because this one I really couldn’t for the life of me finish, I mean I dropped it in the middle of an episode!. At first I didn’t have time so I lagged behind but when I found time, I had no inspiration to watch it, I asked myself, “do I really want to continue with this?”, the answer was no but I still pressed “play” and well I was so bored in between the episode that I told myself I’ll finish this episode later and well that later never came.

With CLOY, eventhough I wasn’t enjoying the drama as much i still watched it every week but then I got busier with my uni so I decided to drop this one in favour of others that I was enjoying.

Same goes for “Graceful family”, the Premier epsiodes were interesting enough that I would have continued had I had the time.