DAY-16–Best quote/one liner

Forest of secret 2

-Opening monologue of Lee Chang Joon

“Doggedly chasing after the truth and marching towards what’s right is a never ending process. To stop, even for a moment, is to fail. Marching towards change is like having two needles as your feet with an invisible thread trailing you, never stopping for a breath as you march on. “IN THE BELIEF THAT A HANDFUL OF HOPE IS BETTER THAN IMMEASURABLE DESPAIR,  we move forward with unwavering determination once again.

-The lines in the scene in the first few episodes where Hwang Shi Mok points to Kang Won Cheol that letting go of those two social media stars before proper process etc., even when they would most likely be released later after their case has been properly processed, was a disservice to them as it robed them off the opportunity to deeply reflect and think about the consequences of their actions! It reinforced the unfair power of their money and prestige!!

-And this dialogue from the last epsiode:


    All of the lines in this show were the best


    You reminded me I need to schedule some time to rewatch it.