This episode wasn’t as good as I had expected. The fact that Dan oh and Haru aren’t doing anything other than making moony eyes at each other is getting to me too as much as I love them(and my boi Rowoon’s swoony eyes)
We got some answers but the plot remained pretty much there. I am starting to get frustrated and I don’t like it.
Haru needs to stop repeating “I’ll change your story.” and actually do it.
Meanwhile Shadow Joo da is totally stepping up her game and is quickly becoming one of my faves.
And after all my Kyung rant yesterday, I have to say my heart hurt for him this episode. I still think he cares more about the set up than anything but the lonely look in his eyes whenever he saw Dan oh with Haru really got me this time(still not into the love triangle btw)
He looks like someone who’s lost a dear friend just because he took that friend for granted (which is exactly what happened but) and I can’t help but feel sad along with him. Oh Jae Wookie, why do you do this???

And and Do Hwa-ya, you deserve the world. Continue to be a meme material please. I love youuuu.

Also more flower scenes please! The boys look so pretty, I can’t!


    and they finally revealed that Danoh’s doctor is LDH’s brother..

    which means, we may get a tragic story for Ju Da too (but her grand ma is alive right? so we may not)


      Wasn’t it revealed already that Danoh’s doctor was Dohwa’s brother in the episode where Dohwa became self aware? It was revealed then.


        i missed that then 😛

        then drama is really changing everything.. and not all for good.. the story hasn’t moved since last 4 episodes