So about Samsan Tech and Ji Pyeong. I said it before but Ji Pyeong doesn’t care all that much about Samsan Tech. It’s his opinion and that’s valid but he also tends to come in because of Dal Mi. Making himself their Plan B to help her out does nothing for them and only highlights how he doesn’t believe in them.

What I liked about Do San going to Alex to ask for help on behalf of Samsan Tech is that it wasn’t a move to push Ji Pyeong out; he’s gonna be around lol. But he knows that Ji Pyeong’s Plan B is only a crutch. A company is going to have failures. It’s built in to life that you can’t always win but if you need a crutch after every failure, it’s not good for anyone. I think everyone realized that too. Samsan Tech has potential, they are bright and passionate people with great ideas and a lot more room to grow. They can build a nice strong foundation to stand on with others who believe in them and not just bail out money. As a whole they might have gotten their no’s but that only opens them up for some yes’s.

I really want Ji Pyeong to see that and if that happens by them refusing his help then that’s good. Also want Ji Pyeong to allow himself more ways of telling the truth. It doesn’t always have to be in the hardest way possible. My own job includes handing out a lot of rejections but I also know to do this with care. I want Ji Pyeong to show a lot more care to others (not just Dal Mi and Halmoni!) and to himself. I think he will find it quite nice to be a little more nice on the outside too so I’m hoping the revelation of Yong San’s past will help him to get there.

Anyway no spoilers. I’m not really sure about Alex (he cracks me up tho) but we will see what is what.