I feel JP and STech are learning the value of each other. JP sees they aren’t so hopeless and STech sees the value in JP’s prickly methods lol.

Hard truths are necessary but there can be balance in delivery imo. Some people can take it, some need sandwiching (compliment/criticism/compliment). The goal is not to sugar coat or lessen the truth but not to discourage. I know that STech team can take it to some extent, they’ve been doing that in their way, but it’s no surprise it all blew up eventually with all the big decisions. On the other hand, learning to work with feedback no matter how harsh is also a valuable skill. One doesn’t have to take in all of it, just the stuff they can use (Dal Mi demonstrated this while dividing up the shares).

In any case, the team decided together, and in this was bound to happen. It’s all a part of the journey that will leave everyone stronger later.