Finally finished! I really enjoyed Start-Up and everyone’s journey. I like everyone’s ending too. I’m excited for Ji Pyeong to be a father figure??? LOL. And the awkward Do-Pyeong hug made me giggle. The Seo family reunion made me cry (In Jae and Halmoni tho?! SOBS). SST and Cheong Myeong thriving is everything and everyone looked great. It really was a nice, easy watch.

Also, I couldn’t help but notice but so many people in the cast had dimples lol. I started calling this show Dimple Club.

I’m really proud of Nam Joo Hyuk’s growth as an actor. He did great. I really liked Suzy in this too and wish there were more Dal Mi centric episodes but as everything revolved around her, I commend her for keeping things grounded. This is my first time with Kim Seon Ho and I’m excited to see his other works, I know he has stuff coming up so I’ll keep a pin in those. Supporting cast kept my heart warm and my smile big so I couldn’t ask for anything more, really.

Thanks for rocking with me & my spam as usual. It’s been ya girl with the late binge-watch! *waves*