2020 Round Up
Day 21 – Freestyle: best drama poster

Great idea about favorite posters! Three 2020 posters captured wonderfully well for me the atmosphere of the drama that they were promoting:
– Crashing Landing On You: main poster captured the North/South juxtaposition in a slightly fantastical and colorful way, while the secondary imagery strongly encapsulated both the divide and the pull between the OTP.
– I’ll Come to You When the Weather is Fine: captured so well the stillness of the season and mountain village, the pause between heartbeats, and the slow melt of two people starting to entertain the possibility that life may look better in the spring.
– It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: captures the ephemeral beauty of the fairytale world that this show spun around us, both its luminescence and its fragility.

And a bonus one just because, well…who doesn’t like looking at pretty things: Tale of the Nine-Tailed


    No. We’re not here for the pretty boy. No we’re not.
    We have long and brainy conversations (by the way, we DO!).
    But because of the pretty distracting boy.
    No. Possible. Way.


      You are absolutely correct @eazal! We are most definitely here for the thoughtful, brainy philosophizing that we do with high-minded intellectual fervor, and we can’t help it if sometimes we do that while taking in the…um… you know, the view and…well…whatever may happen to just be…in view…. (*sips wine*). 😉🥂


        Always in context.
        The pretty boy will never distract us from our mission!!


    CLOY was already finished when I found out the background showed North and South Korea… 🤦🏻‍♀️ it’s a beautiful poster (plus the choice of having only Se-ri in red and all the others in black), but I really love the one with the camp fire, it is so intimate and reminds me of a great scene!

    Weather poster has the same magic of the drama: it manages to be warm even if it’s snowing 😮