2020 Round Up
Day 22 – Freestyle: favorite secondary couple

Great idea, @edgarpordwed !

There were two secondary couples that I particularly remember this year:

Heartwarming: Lee Jang-woo and Ji Eun-shil from Weather. This was a sweet couple that came together in a sweet way. Jang-woo wasn’t dissimilar from Eun-seob in carrying a long-time torch for Eun-shil, and I liked that despite his bumbling he stayed very true to himself. Watching her start to see him with new eyes, and the awkward and adorable confession in the last episode was well done – it was nice to be able to imagine happy things for them in the future.
Entertaining: Hwang Seo-ra and Jang Doo-bong from Spies. To be honest, this was more of a spy ploy than an actual relationship (at least for one party), but it was highly entertaining (until Doo-bong went daaaark). I wish that he had “reformed” and turned informant for the Interpol team; a lovestruck Doo-bong and a reluctantly swayed Seo-ra would have been funny to watch.