2021 Mid-Year Drama Challenge
Sponsored by: @purplesheesh

All answers accurate at time of posting and subject to swift change due to drama progression.
1 – Best 2021 Drama (so far!): I’m going to go with Run On. It made me feel so Feelings, and I treasured watching it.
2 – Best scene from your fave drama: the surprise birthday party that went sideways in the most hilarious way; also pretty much all of episode 14
3 – Favorite OTP: I’m torn! Completed drama: Mi-joo and Seon-gyeom from Run On; Ongoing drama: Min-kyung and Hwi-Oh from Mad For Each Other
4 – Favorite OST: current favorite earworm is “Happy Anding” (no, that’s not a typo) by Martin Smith from Mad For Each Other
5 – Drama(s) you dropped: Oh! Master, which I should have dropped much sooner than I did, but I guess I am a glutton for punishment; Taxi Driver
6 – Drama you hate-watched (and finished!): River Where the Moon Rises; though had I somehow found the fortitude to make it past ep 12, the winner would have been hands-down Oh! Master
7 – Drama many loved but you didn’t: Law School
8 – Drama you loved but most didn’t: So I Married the Anti-Fan. Not sorry.
9 – Drama you’ve re-watched this year: I’ll Come to You When the Weather Is Fine
10 – Last drama you finished watching: Sell Your Haunted House