Day24: Drama that got boring

Oh, my baby

The first episode – and not only – of this drama perplexed me: it was labeled as a rom-com, but I felt like crying.
It had an interesting theme, though, and Jang Na-ra, and some wise observations about the children/parents relationship, and I continued watching.

But sadly it got boring. It seemed that all the secondary characters didn’t work, but above all the girls in Ha-ri’s office were boring, and Jae-young’s attempts to win her over.
The last two episodes felt really long, and for once I am not sure I liked the “whole” happy ending: I don’t know if women in the same situation as Ha-ri would be comforted by it or discouraged.


    You perfectly defined the drama.
    I loved it until episode 10 and then, it simply got boring.
    And JaeYoung character was also so annoying. He got on my nerves, being so selfish and arrogant… I would have killed him a thousand times.
    As for the main couple, though I loved both Jang Nara an Goo Joon together, at the end I was not invested in their relation and the obsession over having the baby was too much. I also wondered why no other options (as adoption or assuming you can be happy without being a parent) were explored, and not that I liked the miracle baby ending, either.


      I liked when Jae-young and Ha-ru were like brother and sister, it was fun, then… only annoying and boring.
      Agree about the main couple… no sparkle, sadly.
      I would like and ending with “only” the couple: it would be beautiful if they gave the message that having someone to love and to be loved by is enough a miracle for everyone.