Since it’s February, I would like to share two of my all time favourite romantic scenes in kdramas. And they happen to be from the same drama: Because it My First Life which celebrates love in all its forms.
Of course there is scene when Se Hee kicked Bok Nam’s bike, promised to pay it back with his house, offered Ji Ho his name and said:”Hurry up so we can go to our home.”
The second is Se Hee’s speech to Ji Ho’s mom at the wedding:
“Ji Ho is a woman of determination. I may not know her too well, but when she decided to write scenarios, when she decided to quit writing, and when she decided to get married, she made all those choices by herself. She may seem weak and shy, but she is a very determined person. Her heart is really strong. She doesn’t do anything that makes her unhappy. So, she will eventually take the path that makes her happy, and I’m not going to be in her way while I’m married to her. That’s all the promises I can make. I’m sorry. I can’t make promises to make her happy or protect her.”