Ooof. Because This Life is Our First doesn’t mess around. Yesterday, my heart couldn’t take the sweetness, but now my heart can’t take the pain. How can it hurt so much already!? One scene in particular broke my heart this episode and I need to talk about it in the comments. Glad they released this song along with the happy ones so I can have something to cry to while I long for next week! 😭


    Okay, so Se-hee taking Kitty away from Ji-ho and her discarding that collar she made….just destroyed me. I mean, if this was already the most painful thing ever, how am I gonna handle this? Honestly, never mind, I can’t even talk or think about it, it stings too much! 😖💔😭


      I was clutching my heart at that because OOF IT HURTS. Then when Ji-ho “retaliated” and I saw poor Se-hee’s face. And the preview!!!! I can’t even be happy that it looks like it’s progressing to romance because PAIN