The odd thing? Usually I would be completely seduced my Min-ho! The boy falling hard for the girl he once rejected is another catnip of mine, especially with the growing comfortable friendship between them. But something about the quirky, sunny vibes between Bo-young and Doctor Ye as they look out for each other, her with her unabashed devotion and him with his moral uprightness, I don’t know, they just got me.

Doctor Ye has qualities that remind me of certain second leads I never even considered rooting for, despite how nice they were and this should either make me nervous for my ship or have me not shipping them at all. Yet somehow his hilariously stiff “May I give you some advice?” + general adherence to his values + his sweet tendency to appreciate Bo-young’s oddities when most will laugh at them all combine in this really endearing package that makes me totally get why she’s so smitten with him and just want him to be smitten back.

Oh and I love Imagi-Ye. So much that I’m gonna need Real-Ye to out-do him sometime down the line. Alright, Show?