The semester finally finished and I am back in kdrama land – just in time for the adorkable CLOY shenanigans. Can’t remember the last time I felt giddy about a new kdrama. I am impressed by how lived-in the main characters feel. I love Se-ri, the sharp and competent business woman, hiding her smarts and vulnerabilities behind a mask of silliness, to the point where it becomes second nature. Jung-hyuk is so thoroughly decent and so completely defeated by her antics. They are both caught in roles that don’t completely suit, but that they cannot escape; being together slowly gets them to open up and change and it’s so fun to watch. I adore them individually and together. HB’s really shining in this – I can’t remember getting emotional at the utterance of a single word (‘piano’) before. The plant therapy is working rather well. Beyond the two of them, NK regime makes for real life-stakes that don’t seem forced, there are a lot of parallel plots going on that should prevent them from running out of story too soon, also they clearly don’t take themselves all that seriously; overall, I’m hoping for an entertaining ride.